Люк С.

My name is Luke and I live in the Midlands. After studying English Language and Literature at university and then training to be a teacher, I taught English in South Korea for 5 years. I can speak Korean fluently and have extensive experience of dealing with learning issues related to Korean and Asian students.

After South Korea, I moved to Hungary and taught Business English to company staff members. At that time, I also began to teach IELTS preparation. I now teach General English and IELTS Skills in England to a wide range of students with varying ages, nationalities, levels and goals. I believe this all-round experience makes me an adaptable and effective teacher.

In my classes I emphasise the importance of clear and regular advancement. Each lesson should produce an identifiable improvement that can be reinforced and then built upon. I specialise in grammar and pronunciation but can help learners with any area of their English studies. I gauge the individual needs of each student and create a tailored course to suit them. If you are ready to get started, I am sure I can help you improve your English!

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