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OTUK offers profession-based courses that are designed to enhance your fluency and confidence when using English in the workplace. Whether you are a doctor, financial expert or legal professional, our ESP courses will help you advance your career through better English.

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Our ESP courses are designed to help you improve your English in a specific professional context. Where a business English programme tends to provide a general approach to formal English, ESP courses are workplace-specific and focus on how English is used in fields such as medicine, finance and IT. At OTUK we believe that an individual approach to study delivers betters results in a shorter time. This is why all of our courses are taught one-to-one via Skype with a qualified British English tutor.

Before starting a course with OTUK, you will have a trial consultation with a member of our team who will assess your current level and discuss your study goals and professional requirements. This information will determine the course content and approach to study. In addition to regular speech practice and error correction, our ESP courses also focus on: workplace terminology and usage, registers of English, formal correspondence, documentation, style & etiquette and more. We encourage all students to use real samples of English from their workplace during our lessons together.

Why have others taken this course?

“... I am planning to move to the UK this year to work as a doctor in the NHS. I would like to improve my medical English with a British teacher before I arrive. Florian, France

“... I work in the legal profession and often communicate with foreign colleagues in English as part of my job. I want to express my ideas and opinions more clearly in English. Hakan, Turkey

“... I’m a software developer in Russia and I want to improve my English in order to work more productively with our foreign partners and maybe work abroad in the future. Sergey, Russia

“... I want to become an international account manager at the bank where I work, but my boss says I need to improve my financial English first. Valerio, Cyprus

“... My dream is to work in international sales at a large multinational company. I have very specific study goals and need a one-to-one course with a qualified native English tutor. Ricardo, Brail

“... I work as an engineer and often travel overseas on business. I need an online course to improve my technical and business English, but it has to be flexible enough to suit my schedule. Michiko, Japan

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