Business English via Skype

Business people are some of the busiest students and often complain about having too little time to study.

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A hectic work and family schedule may make learning business English seem an impossible task. However, you don’t need to waste time travelling to and from private schools or teachers’ houses when you can study business English via Skype with a British English teacher from the comfort of your own home or office. In today’s modern world, technology is there to make our lives easier and save us time – so why not use it to study English online?

At OTUK, we understand that our business English students lead hectic lives and may have frequent business trips. This is why we offer more flexibility than other traditional schools and help you fit in your lessons around work commitments and other responsibilities. You can literally take our Skype school with you anywhere you go because all you need to study business English online is a laptop, ipad or similar mobile device and a fast internet connection. Our students sometimes take Skype lessons from their hotels while on business trips – this means they miss fewer classes and make faster progress.

Most private schools and Skype English tutors charge higher rates for business English lessons. However, at OTUK we believe you should only pay for the time you study with us, regardless of your chosen type of online English course. We don’t set higher prices for those who show ambition in wanting to prepare for international exams or improve their business English online because we appreciate this type of drive and motivation in our students. OTUK offers a cost-effective way of improving your business English by Skype while saving you as much time as possible.

Many of our teachers have backgrounds in various business sectors. This is an advantage in the online classroom as we are able to provide tailor-made business English courses to suit your professional needs. Our specialist Skype business English courses include: job interview preparation, finance & accounting, management, IT English, advertising & PR, telecoms, engineering, general business English, and more. Good spoken English is essential if you want to get ahead in business, so why not get started today by contacting OTUK for a trial consultation!

Click here to download this post via our mobile website!
Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

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