OTUK offers a wide range of specialist online English courses with native English teachers. Our study programmes can be tailored to suit your individual needs and timeframes. Many members of our team have valuable experience in other professions gained prior to careers in English teaching which means we can provide English for special purposes. Below, you will find details of our online courses.

Conversational English

This general English course focuses on spoken fluency and the ability to converse freely in English. Whether you are a more advanced student or just getting started with your English, this course is bound to get you talking! Our conversational approach means that lessons take the form of a dialogue between student and teacher, providing both stimulating discussion and excellent speech practice. We encourage our students to speak as much as possible and correct their mistakes through written messages (Skype chat window), pronunciation pointers and other helpful tips.

Business English

English is undoubtedly the international language of business and is becoming ever more important as a global means of communication. Today, good knowledge of English and proper corporate etiquette is essential if you want to be successful in business. This course focuses on improving your business terminology and formal style in both spoken and written English. You will study using a wide range of interesting, up-to-date material from textbooks, the business press and websites. Our online business English course also focuses on improving spoken fluency, negotiation and presentation skills.

Job interview English

Successfully passing job interviews in English is as much about strategy as it is about knowledge of the language. Therefore, this online English course uses questions (traditional & behavioural) from real job interviews and helps you prepare through discussion and role-play. OTUK provides assistance with CV writing and covering letters to ensure your documentation is in perfect English. Several of our students have already successfully passed job interviews in English and are now working for foreign firms in their home countries or overseas. This intensive course can be completed in as little as 3 weeks!

English for kids

Early acquisition of English gives young learners a huge head start in life and paid tuition represents an important investment in your child’s future. Children and teenagers have the ability to learn English quickly and with relative ease but it is important to expose them to correct (native) English. Mistakes made by adults are often the direct result of having been taught incorrectly by non-native teachers earlier in life. Many teachers at OTUK have extensive experience of working with children and provide interesting, stimulating lessons that really capture the young learner’s imagination.

Typical Russian mistakes

This specialist course is entirely unique to OTUK and is based on linguistic research conducted over a 10-year period in Russia by the school’s founder Alex Jude. It is based on the premise that students acquire English differently depending on their native language. The course examines typical Russian mistakes in English and asks how the student’s mother tongue (language instinct) may be causing these errors and what may be done to prevent them. This short, intensive programme also focuses on the student’s own mistakes and seeks to analyse, explain and correct them.

English for tourism

If you are going on holiday and want to brush up your English, then this is the right course for you! English is spoken in every country around the world and acts as a lingua franca for many non-native English speakers. Explaining with your hands can only get you so far, and besides, improving your English for tourism is a great way of getting more out of your holiday and making new friends abroad. This course covers useful topics, such as: airports, hotels, restaurants, directions, sightseeing, travel, etc. OTUK also offers a more in-depth course for travel agents and those in the tourism industry.

Exam preparation

OTUK has a successful track record of preparing students for international English exams, such as: IELTS, Cambridge and TOEFL. Our teachers are familiar with the content of these examinations and have many hours of online exam preparation experience. We help students improve their exam technique and explore each exam section step by step to ensure good results across the board. If you already have an exam date in mind, we recommend you start your preparation with us as soon as possible. All necessary materials, past papers and study aids are provided as part of this course.

Financial English

Whether you work in accounting, banking, auditing or other financial sectors, OTUK can provide the industry-specifi c English you require to succeed. Many of our existing students work for large multinational companies specialising in: telecoms, auditing, the stock market, international account management, etc. Our financial English course explores the latest developments in your field through current articles and internet resources, financial terminology, and essential business English. This course will help you become a confident and professional English speaker in the financial sphere.

Academic English

Several teachers at OTUK specialise in academic writing and prepare students for entry to universities in the UK, USA and Europe. Studying abroad demands special preparation and usually requires students to pass an internationally recognised English examination (e.g. IELTS 6.5). We prepare students for exams of this kind and also offer tutoring in essay writing, the art of discussion and academic presentations. Our teachers have firsthand experience of studying at western universities and can share their insights with you. OTUK can also assist students with the university application process.

IT English

Excellent knowledge of English is essential if you work in the IT sphere as the industry is becoming increasingly globalised. IT outsourcing is now a common practice for many western companies which prefer to employ staff overseas due to cost efficiency and the level of expertise available. Several OTUK students have already successfully passed job interviews in English with IT firms based in the UK. So, whether you are interested in working overseas, improving your sales pitch or staying abreast of the latest industry developments, our IT English course will help you gain that cutting edge.