How do our students rate us?

Jean-Michel D.

Chris is a great teacher

France, Sep 23, 2019
Thorben S.


Germany, Sep 09, 2019
Kvam F.

Very well prepared lessons for our 3 children. Good in taking advantage of their natural interests — that is great for their motivation. Particular good fit with our daughter..

Norway, Sep 06, 2019
Maryna K.

I am very grateful to Sophia for the lessons she was doing with my 6-year-old daughter. Sophia is extremely professional and adjusts the lessons to your needs. I highly recommend Sophia as the best British English teacher my daughter and I have ever had.Thank you again!Olga and Maryna

Luxembourg, Aug 19, 2019
Katalin A.

I am very satisfied with my English teacher, her name is Emma Wates. She is very attentive, patient, she always kindly corrects my mistakes, as in my grammar, as in my pronunciation. Unfortunately, I don't have too much time to learn nonetheless I feel my progress in my English. Frequently she sends me videos which are also very useful for me. I am very happy that she is my English teacher, therefore I would like to continue to learn English with her.

Hungary, Aug 15, 2019
Cyrine O.


Canada, Jul 29, 2019
Polina T.

I like being motivated by teacher. She gives me many corrections improving my spelling and speech.

United States, Jul 24, 2019
Hien D.

i like my teacher

Italy, Jul 17, 2019

Marcos ha insistido en continuar con las clases durante todo el curso porque ha percibido un progreso marcado en sus conocimientos gracias a Ian.El año que viene volveremos con las clases

Spain, Jun 26, 2019
Anna P.

Asya enjoys the classes very much. She is happy to chat with Rufus on various topics and is re-energized after lessons. Many thanks!

Russia, Apr 21, 2019
Erle Lian B.

These lessons have been a tremendous help in helping our non-native 9-year-old gain confidence and put her vocabulary to work. Now that the speaking apprehension lowered, a number of improvements have been made. The weekly feedback has been an important tool in keeping track. Karen is a great teacher who works excellently with our daughter and manages to get the very best out of her.

Norway, Apr 10, 2019
Sarah E.

Jonathan was my teacher last year. He helped me to get ready for a job interview and his support was gold value. He taught extremely professionally and took every single hour very seriously. The outcome was perfect

Switzerland, Apr 02, 2019
Robert V.

Great flexible lessons, good quality (native) and reasonably priced!

Netherlands, Mar 29, 2019
Ramon A.

Jonathan is the best teacher!I can see my improvement every day.I'm really happy!Thank you OTUK and Jonathan for everything.

United Kingdom, Mar 26, 2019
Luca M.

Kevin is a very good teacher

Italy, Mar 25, 2019
Rasika R.

I enjoyed all my lessons. They were very interesting and professional.

United Kingdom, Jan 24, 2019
Nilda G.

Jonathan is a very, very good teacher, focusing on your needs and preparing you in a very practical way to your exams (in my case). He nows how to elicit your ideas and express them in a very natural way. I heartily recommend him for whatever need or trouble you may have about English. And his English is so beatiful!

Spain, Jan 04, 2019
Andriana T.

Well prepared and competent Jonathan is your right person if you need job interview preparation. He will give you the right direction and confidence.I'm really thankful for his help.

Bulgaria, Dec 26, 2018
Leila N.

It is very useful and time consuming

United Kingdom, Dec 18, 2018
Allan C.

teacher very professional

Colombia, Dec 16, 2018
Carlo C.


Italy, Nov 28, 2018
Darija I.

Sophia is really kind and pleasant. Darija really likes her. I hope they'll have wonderful time together, and successful lessons as well. Thank you

Macedonia, Nov 08, 2018
Andrea U.

I like this format. It is perfect for my scenario and availability.My teacher Mr. Mintram is prepared and he perfectly understands my objectives, supporting me to reach them.

Italy, Nov 06, 2018
Laura C.

Karen is really brilliant in teaching English to kids. After few lessons I have already noticed that my son has improved a lot his English knowledge and fluency. Karen is doing a wonderful job!I find these lessons very effective. Moreover, having the chance to take classes during the weekend directly from home, is extremely practical.

Spain, Nov 04, 2018
Lorenzo Z.

Thank you let

Italy, Nov 02, 2018
Garin Y.

Interactive teaching method is wonderful, it makes the kid to enjoy the class very much

Hong Kong, Oct 31, 2018
Elena N.

I like the teacher

Russia, Oct 23, 2018
Eunyoung L.

He teaches me kindly and patiently. I am happy to talk with him in English.

United Kingdom, Oct 23, 2018
Gabriela N.

Dear all,I like about my lessons especially a personal tutor's attitude towards me. I enjoy online English lessons because my tutor listens to my needs and wishes. She always searches for some extra information from different media credible resources which helps farther develop the given topic. She also shares her opinions with me as the British citizen on a study text. And she shows sincere interest in my educational materials. I appreciate such a thoughtful and acquainted tutor.Best regards,Gabriela Nov

Czech Republic, Oct 22, 2018
Olga P.

I do travel a lot and for me was important to have flexible shedule. I found it in OTUK. My teacher consider my wishes and requests, she gives me always new interesting stuff and we work together on my weak points in language.

Russia, Oct 09, 2018
Alina P.

Hi, I am happy with my lessons, they are very productive and my teacher Esther is fully supportive.Every day in my work I use my new knowledge from our lessons.I am building my confidence to talk by phone and write emails to clients. Thanks.

United Kingdom, Oct 02, 2018
Aaby F.

Teacher is very kind. Aaby is really loves to take the lesson.

Hong Kong, Oct 02, 2018
Marcelo A.

Great teacher, iterative classes with smart conversations, flexibility to reschedule as needed. Congrats

United Kingdom, Oct 02, 2018
Lidiane G.

I loved it! Esther was the best english teacher I've had. I wish could have a class with her everyday. She found my mistakes and focused on improving them. My English has improved a lot in a such short time. My co-workers have complimented me. I will definitely recommend OTUK to my friends.

United Kingdom, Oct 01, 2018
Kvam F.

All our 3 children are having classes with Jacqueline, and she has followed them for several years now. They have really been learning a lot, and all 3 are amongst the best in their classes in oral English. I think the secret is to be found in the fact that Jacqueline is very good at finding subjects being of great interest for the children.

Norway, Sep 26, 2018
Anna Z.

I liked everything about my lessons

United Kingdom, Sep 25, 2018
Emanuela S.

I like the argument and the teacher is very nicely

Italy, Aug 21, 2018
Katalin A.

I enjoy very much our lessons with Emma. Her lessons are very useful for me,she helps imorove my English knowledge.Thanks!

Hungary, Aug 21, 2018
Alex M.

I like that I learn very quickly what I want to know and it is fun also.

Greece, Jun 26, 2018
Sigurd O.

Karen is very attentive to the child's needs and the parent's wishes. For us learning English is now fun and exiting.

Norway, Jun 17, 2018
Katya B.

I think that the lessons with Kevin perfectly serve the objectives we agreed on and I can clearly see my progress. Kevin always suggests interesting topics for discussion and finds interesting articles/other materials for the lessons. I enjoy the lessons a lot and think that Kevin is a great teacher.

Russia, Jun 05, 2018
Sasha V.

Sophia has been working with my younger sister, Ira, for a few months now. Ira is enjoying her lessons very much and improving noticeably. We couldn't ask for a better arrangement. Sophia is a great teacher, very flexible and understanding, as well as getting along very well with Ira. I couldn't be happier with the decision to start these lessons.

Canada, May 31, 2018
Luca M.

Thank you very muchwf for your support! Best Luca

Italy, May 11, 2018
Karina R.

I like my English lessons because I'm improving my conversation

Mexico, May 01, 2018
Sigurd O.

Child friendly, engaging.

Norway, Apr 22, 2018
Maria G.

Chris is a great teacher, I will really recommend to everyone

United Kingdom, Apr 17, 2018
Juan Andres G.

Richard is an excellent professor! For the last months we have been working in my preparation for the TOEFL exam. In each aspect I improve and feel confortable with Richard. He is very responsable with the homeworks reviews and the preparation of the class. Nice to have such a good teacher for my english development.

Costa Rica, Apr 17, 2018
Ivan M.

Kevin is an amazing teacher! I look forward to every lesson.

Russia, Apr 16, 2018
Andriana T.

I waste a lot of money and time with other online courses before I met Chris.Having Eight lessons with him I felt more confident and got dealing better with tasks.Chris is really experienced and found my weakneses very quck, than started to fix them in realy enjoiable way.So I bought another pack and continue go ahead

Bulgaria, Mar 06, 2018
Georgy C.

Rufus is very professional, good prepared and patient teacher. I appreciate the quality and knowledge I get from his lessons.

Russia, Feb 27, 2018
Amy J.

Dear Teacher Amy, Thank you very much for progress report. I am very happy to hear that her English is improving. Regards, Nancy

Singapore, Feb 15, 2018
Alla O.

The teacher — Sophia is a great person with all the necessary skills and experience in business communication. It was a pleasure to have lessons with her!

Russia, Feb 13, 2018
Ivan M.

I'm really impressed. I'm looking forward for every lesson.

Russia, Feb 02, 2018
Katerina S.

Nice & qualified teacher, individual agreements with the teacher are possible, good price/performance ratio. I am very satisfied

Germany, Jan 30, 2018
Timur V.

Hello,I appreciate Richard's help on difficult points of the language, on enriching my vocabulary, and most of all his help on keeping my English

Netherlands, Jan 11, 2018
Kazu H.

What I like about my lessons were my teacher always listened/ asked what I want to do before the class (just few minutes before the class ends), and he was always well prepared for the next class. I was more than satisfied. I am still learning British English, thus, my teacher was British and always great to hear actual British explanations and accents through my lessons!

Japan, Dec 12, 2017
Dumitru L.

Very good teacher. Gave me a lot of IELTS materials. I am very thankful!

Moldova, Nov 01, 2017
Juan Andres G.

I am very delighted with Richard Kacperek, he is a excellent teacher and very organize with every class. Together we are working in my TOEFL exam and help me with my essays for the U.K Scholarship.

Costa Rica, Oct 31, 2017
Edward S.

I think Ian is one of the best English teachers I have ever met, and he is very proficient in dealing with IELTS Exam techniques.

Hong Kong, Oct 28, 2017
Alexey E.

Hello.I can only say that i do like my lessons with my mentor in the business and IELTS preparation. Thank you!

Russia, Sep 26, 2017
Leo K.

Sarah is a wonderful teatcher with an angel's patience, which really fits well with young students. She is at all times very happy and very kind. She is well-strucked and she tries to find a way that the student will learn more based on the student's prerequisites. She recognize the student's emotional state and always makes the lesson a very pleasant experience and a good opportunity for learning.

Sweden, Aug 23, 2017
Daniel U.

Gabriel is a well-prepared, kind teacher, who permanently tries to adapt his lessons on the student's needs.Lessons with him bring one forward and make fun as well!

Germany, Aug 06, 2017
Osama A.

Great and reliable service

Ireland, Aug 01, 2017
Gabrella B.

I enjoyed my lessons as He's a pleasant and engaging person. I appreciated a lot his versatility. He's been always very sharp and reliable. I asked for paper to my do homework on my own and I received plenty! I had very little time left before my exam and I can state that we made the most of it!!

Italy, Jul 25, 2017
Haruhisa T.

I'll try to have a sense of curiosity and researching mind about happenings in the world.In addition, I want to comprehend about what an issue is from the view of history. In the end, I have an individual opinion. in addition, I attempted to express it in English.Fortunately or unfortunately, we can get any information from websites very easily.Recently, I concluded that any information has been biased. So, I always try to know several kinds of information from such as BBC, CNN, Time magazine, Spiege?English version), VOA and others. I try to. Since I started learning English, I'm interested in how foreign people think about especially the current issue of Japan.Sometimes, I wrote what I understood. So, Rufus checked and revised my brief writings so far. He is patient and generous. I'd like to continue to learn with him.

Japan, Jul 17, 2017
Amy J.

My daughter and I feel that teacher Amy gives very helpful feedback and we want to continue next month. I am surprised that teacher can help my daughter's local exam from a distance, UK and I really appreciate her help.

Singapore, Jun 27, 2017
Grethyll k.

I like the way he teaches the lesson, especially the conversation. it really helps me improve my communication skill and acquire new expressions, vocabulary and being aware of using the correct Grammar structure.

Korea South, May 30, 2017
Laura C.

The teacher is prepared and makes the lessons very enjoyable.

Switzerland, May 23, 2017
Yannick S.

HI guys,Amy was an awesome teacher. I will highly recommend her to my friends.The price for the lessons was fair. BestYannick

Australia, May 17, 2017
Anis F.

Amy has been an excellent spoken English tutor for my son Zayn over the past few months. I am very impressed with her enthusiasm and her ability to connect and engage with a young learner as my son.She is very patient and has always been very supportive and encouraging which has boosted Zayn's confidence.As discussed earlier I would like the focus of the lessons to emphasise the reading and spoken components more then the written homework which he struggles to do in addition to his regular school homework.Again my goal for him is to read and speak in a clear neutral accent with excellent fluency and appropriate rhythm, intonation and right phonetics. For this I believe the more practice he gets to speak / read aloud with corrective feedback the more he would be able to exercise his

Bahrain, May 14, 2017
Mariluz G.

I would like to read books related to topics that I'm interested. And having discussions about the chapters every week.Best regards.

Chile, May 10, 2017
Chloe Leung (.

Thank you Jacqueline for your kind comments!

Hong Kong, May 09, 2017
Maria B.

Sofia is a wonderful teacher. I really enjoy studying with her.

Russia, May 02, 2017
Danil G.

Hi guys i really like your course and satisfied my teacher

Russia, Apr 27, 2017
Linnea F.

amy is a very good teacher for children. she is always preapared, enthusiastic and very kind. thank you for the high-quality lessons!

United Kingdom, Apr 19, 2017
Haruhisa T.

A lot of things occurred every day in the world. When I didn't study English, I was satisfied to get information from Japanese medias. But, since I started to learn English, I've comprehended that there are many views depending on each country, position, history and relationship. In the wartime, we relied on government information, but, when the war ended, many things were falsified and biased. Now, we can get any information and anytime from website. So, we should have ability to analyse and value on events. Rufus is very kind and generous, so I'll try to talk about current happenings and I can learn a different way of thinking. I'll continue to study with him for the time being. Thank you.

Japan, Apr 18, 2017
Zeltia G.

Very practical and useful lessons. Just what I needed!

Spain, Jan 31, 2017
Guilherme F.

Great! My classes have being a game changer!

Brazil, Jan 31, 2017
Emil T.

The lesson method was great. I got a smart and patient teacher knowing everything I needed. However, I found online teaching was not as good as the real one in terms of sound quality. My internet connection was good, so was my teacher's. But, his sound was sometimes unclear. It happened many times. I didn't know what was wrong

Indonesia, Jan 04, 2017
Paola F.

Teacher is proactively suggesting how to lead classes in order to fulfill my need to improve business english. Totally satisfied.

Italy, Jan 03, 2017
Natalya F.

Ian always gives an opportunity to train my speaking skills during our conversation and then tell about my mistakes honestly. Also he interests about my wishes of further lessons and prepares required information and tasks for me.

Russia, Dec 20, 2016
Mohamad F.

I am realy thankful for you all, as im getting to learn more and enjoy my time with this lessons

United Kingdom, Dec 07, 2016
Ranga M.

Mr.Bryan, is a very positive,energetic and intelligent tutor. I like his creative way of teaching

Singapore, Dec 06, 2016
Andrea G.

Sophia is a real enjoyable person, always smiling but at the same time professional. The only problem is the skype connection that usually doesn

Italy, Nov 15, 2016
George V.

I have to say thank you, the teacher that was assigned to me (Jonathan) is great. He is really committed to help me pass the IELTS. He is always on schedule and always motivates me to do my best. I would recommend otuk to my peers for sure. The one thing that I like most is the professionalism.

Greece, Nov 01, 2016
Haruhisa T.

I'm very happy to study conversation with teacher Rufus. He is two generation younger than I. So, I'm sure he is quite patient. We are talking about many kinds of articles, especially current events. Since this study is good opportunity to share culture mutually, I tried to ask British history and religious affairs. At the same time, I want Rufus to understand about Buddhism, tradition and culture. I traveled the UK three times so far.When I was a young employee, I learned a lot about industrial technology from England.So, I respect your country and people now. I'll continue this lesson with Rufus as possible as I can.

Japan, Oct 19, 2016
Konstantina R.

I would like to thank Sarah Elizabeth Gibbons for our lessons. It was a great learning experience for me. She was always well-prepared, provided me in advance with study materials relevant to my needs and my working background. Regards,Konstantina Rachioti

Netherlands, Sep 30, 2016
Timur V.

Richard is a very experienced English language teacher, creates a nice and comfortable learning environment with a touch of English humor:)

Netherlands, Sep 29, 2016
Maria F.

I am really happy taking english lessons from Skype, Sarah has been an excellent teacher.

Brazil, Sep 28, 2016
Meng K.

Jacqueline is a wonderful teacher full of passionate, particularly in kid learning aspect. She is very considerate, creative and flexible in her teaching timing and method.My daughter enjoy learning English with her a lot.

Singapore, Sep 28, 2016
Gutierrez Family (.

Amy is a great teacher for kids. She understand their needs swiftly and makes the lesson entertaining whish is exactly what we wanted. We are very happy with her.

Spain, Sep 28, 2016
Gabriele C.

Sarah is a fantastic teacher and the lessons were been interesting and huseful for my purposes!I'm satisfied and I high recommend Sarah!

Italy, Sep 27, 2016
Amit F.

Super teacher!

Israel, Sep 26, 2016
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