What Do Our Students Say?

The OTUK Students Experience

Our students come from all over the world. We teach children and adults. Ability levels, interests and study goals often vary greatly. We celebrate this difference and teach English in a way that places each learner at the centre of their own personal course. We listen to them first and put them first in everything we do as a school.

Anja J.

My daughter has been taking classes with Vanessa Witney since October.I am very satisfied with her work and Anja's progress. Everyone praises her. She wrote the tests best in the class, and in the singing lessons they noticed a huge improvement in pronunciation.

Croatia, 20/06/2024
Veronika M.

My daughter enjoys her lessons

Russia, 04/06/2024
Yhonny P.

Great teacher

United Kingdom, 25/05/2024
Loni H.

Vanessa is very motivating while also a patient teacher!

United States, 15/04/2024
Mikhail G.

Every lesson with Kevin provides me some insights into advanced English. Kevin makes a lot of efforts to show me some specific peculiarities in a way native speakers use language.

Germany, 03/04/2024
Yhonny P.

My wife enjoys very much teacher Neil lessons

United Kingdom, 14/03/2024
Hiroki K.

Chris is very experienced teacher and I am enjoying his lesson every week.

United Kingdom, 08/03/2024
Sonia Y.

Sophia’s guidance and encouragement have been invaluable, and I had a wonderful time during the lessons. Sophia is very patient towards me and every lesson is tailor made to my specific learning needs.

Hong Kong, 03/03/2024
Valentine T.

My daughter is always ready for english with Fran. She enjoys a lot. Fran is very organized and friendly. She progress so well that she is in the one of the best English groups at school. Alex as manager has very positive attitude in case of claim. We had another teacher and on our request he changed it without problems. So she can enjoy lessons fully! Thank you OTUK.

Switzerland, 21/02/2024
Kos K.

Interesting topics, good explanations, agile approach

United Kingdom, 12/01/2024
Martha Giskegjerde T.

she is patient and a really good teacher for our daughter!

Norway, 18/12/2023
Katerina S.

Very good lesson. Tasks-homework for the next lesson to do. Suggestions of the teacher of interesting links to presentations, articles etc. should be clear before the lesson, to get it immediately the source for the preparation

Germany, 28/11/2023
Ekaterina M.

I like everything.

United Kingdom, 22/11/2023
Anton S.

Hello. It was a very beautiful lessons. I learned a lot of useful things and improved my English with Andy R. Thanks OTUK and Andy.

United Kingdom, 15/11/2023
Andrew D.

We are very happy with Dan. Make sure you keep him. He is extraordinary in his personality, soft, understanding, humorous and especially a psoitive mindset which creates a positive and happy enviornment especially for young learners.

Germany, 08/11/2023
Vitaly P.

Like: Not a tense atmosphere of lessons and a pleasant pastime Dislike: Not much to mention

Cyprus, 07/11/2023
Larysa K.

The teacher was very interested in conducting the lessons, he was oriented on my needs. The teacher has incredible talent for explaining new worded.

United Kingdom, 09/10/2023
Fung F.

She is a kind and capable teacher. She is very organized and experienced! The children enjoyed her class very much and learned a lot of different things. We are very lucky!

Hong Kong, 14/09/2023
Imran Q.

Wholeheartedly embrace the core principles of teaching tailored to individual student needs, dedicating unwavering attention and commitment to help students attain their language learning goals. I strongly recommend engaging with the expertise of OTUK's teaching professionals

United Arab Emirates, 05/09/2023
Lucy Y.

Very good teacher. Neil is very kind, responsible and experienced in teaching.

China, 04/09/2023
Marta M.

Dan always adjust the lessons to my son’s current mood and interests, so it is aleays interesting for him. I really appreciate that flexibility, as beacuse of that my son is always looking forward to the classes.

Czech Republic, 30/08/2023
Jamie L.

Having lessons with teacher Barbara. She’s patience, attentive and friendly. My daughter likes her.

Singapore, 29/08/2023
Franziska S.

Lovely conversations about lot of themes, I feel much better in my conversation skills now and learned more about RP pronouncing . Thank you Ian, we’ll have some more lessons in the future

Germany, 29/08/2023
Oleksandra H.

The lessons were wonderful. Personally, I find them extremely useful and informative. To be honest, it was the most comfortable and friendly experience of learning English in my entire adult life. Thank you so much for all of your help and work!

United Kingdom, 14/08/2023
yushu s.

Chris is an fantastic English teacher. I like his teaching style and native accent.

United Kingdom, 11/08/2023
Lina G.

I like the preparation of the class by the teacher and the opportunity to improve my fluency.

Colombia, 09/08/2023
Natalia B.

I enjoyed your lessons so much because I find them to be particularly effective for me. I always felt motivated  and my results are  desirable. Thanks to these English lessons My English gets better and better. Now, I can even proudly say that I am successful English learner.

United Kingdom, 08/08/2023
Hitomi K.

To begin with, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Kevin. I've been taking his lessons for almost 3 years. He always teaches me everything in details such as words or phrases that it is difficult to understand for non-English speakers. Also, he is very flexible - Although I usually take his lessons with English grammar/phrasal verbs book, he also supports my CV updated and personal statement correction. I would really like to give him more than 5 stars. Thank you as always for your support, Kevin!

Japan, 03/08/2023
Michele R.

Sam is a great teacher and he's very professional. Thank you Sam and thank you OTUK!

Italy, 31/07/2023
Massimo B.

Jan is a very skilled teacher in understanding shared needs and goals, always managing to add a personal touch to what is learned.

Italy, 10/07/2023
Svitlana K.

Really liked the lesson. I want to continue studying with a teacher and getting English lessons

United Kingdom, 03/06/2023
Tatiana C.

Thank you Laura for your dedication to my girls.

Slovakia, 10/05/2023
Oana-Carolina S.

I really enjoy my classes with Vicky. She knows how to make you enjoy your classes with her. Thanks to her I managed to get a good score in the IELTS exam, i.e. 7.5, in just 3 months. I absolutely recommend her. She is my favourite teacher for very good reasons.

United Kingdom, 29/03/2023
Tommy K.

The OTUK platform is easy to do, communications being done effectively between me and my teacher.

Hong Kong, 16/03/2023
Liudmyla C.

I like everything about my lessons. The best tutor ever.

United Kingdom, 14/02/2023
Yhonny P.

Everything in teacher Neil's methodology in delivering my lessons

United Kingdom, 06/02/2023
Dmyto C.

Thanks for brilliant lessons =)

United Kingdom, 06/02/2023
Anna K.

I like my lessons. I learned a lot of new things. Thank you for your work!

United Kingdom, 06/02/2023
Iana L.

Ross is a super teacher. Each lesson is always interesting and varied. A wonderful, competent, responsible teacher, also a very contact and sociable tutor. I can only leave the best reviews. Thank you.

United Kingdom, 31/01/2023
Olha M.

I really liked everything. Thank you for the lessons. Emma the best!

United Kingdom, 27/01/2023
Anna S.

Andrew is the best teacher I have ever had. He listens to your preferences and complies them through the whole lesson. He is smart, funny and interesting to listen to)

United Kingdom, 17/01/2023
Leo Y.

My teacher Andrew delivers high quality lessons, he prepared the lesson very well and during the lessons the teacher can find and correct my grammer and pronunciation mistakes, and he is very patient to correct my errors.

China, 06/01/2023
Michele R.

Sam is a great teacher. I will continue my lessons for a long time

Italy, 16/12/2022
Iuliia P.

I like learning English with my teacher

United Kingdom, 12/12/2022
Alvis T.

I like my lessons because I think my teacher can teach me the knowledge which I really want to learn. On the other hand, my teacher always teach me from wrong to right. So I like my lesson a lot. Thank you

Hong Kong, 27/11/2022
Yhonny P.

Teacher Neil is very professional, kind, and patient. He knows how to motivate his students. My wife and I are very pleased with his methodology

United Kingdom, 21/11/2022
Nataliia L.

I enjoyed my lessons with my teacher Andrew. I've learned a lot of new words, expressions . I watched new films and discussed them. The teacher was very nice, smart with a good sense of humour. I was never bored .

United Kingdom, 14/11/2022
Michele R.

Sam is a great and very professional teacher

Italy, 11/11/2022
Fung F.

Thank you for being the best teacher for always being kind for making lessons fun for showing my kids new things and for helping them grow.

Hong Kong, 03/11/2022
Joanne W.

I’ve learnt a lot from Adam S., including presentation skills, small talk skills, grammar, idioms and so on. He is an excellent teacher who is always patient in teaching and talking to me. We often discuss diverse topics and news during our lessons, such as habits and how UK people reacted to the change of the throne. Therefore, if anyone wants to learn English, I will recommend Adam to them. Also, Adam, thank you as always!

Taiwan, 02/11/2022
Jure (George) R.

After 3,5 years and over 150 lessons with Sophia McArthur we can only say she and OTUK are best english learning system on-line. Individualized approach, short and long term objectives, responsiveness, progress reports and much more. We can’t wait to start OTUK for our younger kid as soon as possible.

Croatia, 02/11/2022
Corrine L.

Barbara is a good teacher. She can provide a good learning atmosphere to Corrine, giving guideline for the lesson. Thank you!

Hong Kong, 28/10/2022
Suzie P.

I liked very much lessons with Sophia. She has been very kind and joyful. Furthermore she is very professional. She corrected me many times, and I need it!

Italy, 23/10/2022
Marta M.

My son is super happy with the lessons, they have already great relationship with Dan. And Dan is able to adjust to my son's mood, to make it engaging even if that day he doesn't feel like learning. Classes are fun and i can see progress my son is making. I really cant think of anything that we would like to change on the lessons.

Czech Republic, 18/10/2022
Oana-Carolina S.

I really enjoy my classes with Vicky. My progress is totally due to her. She knows how to choose topics and materials and matches them in a way that is best for me. She does a really professional job. Vicky is the best teacher I have ever met!

United Kingdom, 13/10/2022
Tetiana S.

Great courses. Everything is at the highest level. I studied with Ben E., a highly qualified teacher.

United Kingdom, 06/10/2022
Hitomi K.

Kevin is the best English tutor for me! I've been learning English for 2 years from him. He's very flexible to teach and always keeps me lessons enjoyable with useful tips! I am grateful for your continuous support because I've joined one of the blue chip companies by your big help! I am very pleased to have him as my English tutor.

Japan, 25/09/2022
Valentyna F.

I was very happy to have this English course! My teacher Sam asked me in the beginning, what problems do I have in my English and made our lessons maximum effectivelly. We worked through the sections of grammar that were difficult for me, such as tenses, prepositions and articles. With Sam's help I learned the vocabulary during a telephone conversation, which is important for possible future work and everyday life. Sam constantly paid respect to my wishes and concerns in certain areas and explained in detail and patiently. I especially liked his naturalness and humor, as if he spoke to me on an equal level of knowledge of the language☺ And the main feeling I've got after each lesson was my growing self confidence in my English level! 10 sessions passed very fast, but I found them very professional and effective. Thank you OTUK and Sam!

United Kingdom, 25/09/2022
Tetiana C.

A wonderful teacher with an individual approach to everyone

United Kingdom, 21/09/2022
Michele R.

My teacher (Sam S.) is very professional and friendly. I like the teaching method and every lesson I feel more confortable. I needed some lessons until september 16 for a meeting, but, after some lessons, I decided to continue

Italy, 21/09/2022
Olha S.

I liked the teacher and his lessons, it really helped in learning English.

United Kingdom, 20/09/2022
Yuliia K.

Everything was good. The teacher was able to carefully explain all my questions. The lessons were informative and useful.

United Kingdom, 19/09/2022
Konstantin S.

All is Ok. I am going to return to studying later.

Ukraine, 19/09/2022
Ruslana C.

I was lucky, I had a good teacher, the lessons were always interesting and useful! Thank you!

United Kingdom, 09/09/2022
Keith C.

Mr. Dan is the kindness and patience teacher, I found my son, he was very enjoy to attend the lesson with Mr. Dan. English is my son second langue. Mr Dan, he will using his longg year teaching experience to encourage my son to found the English learning. We are so appreciated Mr. Dan his teaching method and will strongly recommend to my friend.

United Kingdom, 03/09/2022
Svitlana S.

Ben is able to explain complex things in simple terms, gives many interesting examples. The atmosphere in his classes is relaxed, which is very important. Thanks for the tutorial and highly recommended. Ben is one of my best teachers.Sincerely, Svitlana.

United Kingdom, 10/08/2022
Oana-Carolina S.

I enjoy every lesson with Vicky. She is very attentive to details and what needs to be improved. My English has improved thanks to her, to her teaching methods and her personal skills that make her a people person.

United Kingdom, 18/07/2022

Sam is a fantastic teacher, he helped me prepare for the speaking C2 Esol exam. Not only did he give me useful suggestions, but he also provided English expressions, phrasal verbs, collocations which are strategic to pass the exam. He is also very friendly and always put me at easy. I heartily recommend Sam if you want to improve your English.

Italy, 17/07/2022
Hafsa A.

We had enrolled our five years old daughter on a short course with Sophia. It’s worth mentioning that Sophia was utterly professional, polite and engaging in her approach. She has great teaching skills. We’d certainly recommend her to our friends.

British Indian Ocean Ter, 14/07/2022
Massimo B.

I like the possibility to learn English in a engaging and funny way.

Italy, 18/06/2022
Tatiana C.

My daughters love Laura. She is their friend now, much more than a teacher. They made amazing progress with her. This can be seen mainly on the younger as she was complete beginner.

Slovakia, 26/05/2022
Priscila M.

I had a fantastic experience with Emma. She is well-prepared to teach online, and her teaching style is great. We discussed articles as well as current events from across the world in her classes, which opened my mind to new vocabulary and boosted my confidence in expressing myself during meetings and small talks. Emma was so helpful, I totally recommend her.

United Kingdom, 11/05/2022
Timea R.

I really enjoy my lessons. These are perfect for me and I learn more English vocabulary. I feel like I’m developing a lot from lesson to lesson. I love my teacher, she is very kind and friendly.

United Kingdom, 04/05/2022
Oana-Carolina S.

Vicky is the best teacher. Thanks to her knowlegde and patience I have made visible progress. Her attitude motivates me. Great job!

United Kingdom, 24/04/2022
Erle Lian B.

Emma has been a fantastic teacher for our 12yo daughter/student Erle. Erle makes rapid and constant progress on every aspect, from grammar to vocabulary, structuring of sentences, pronunciation and over all understanding. But most of all, Erle enjoys the classes and always look forward to the weekly conversations. She is now in a position to engage well in conversations and can make use of resources in English almost as easily as in her own language. We highly value Emma's great work!

Norway, 07/04/2022
Alvis T.

Miss Karen can teach me comfortably and she can correct my grammatical mistakes. It is very helpful for me!Thank you

Hong Kong, 29/03/2022
Andrew D.

Our daughter was reluctant at first and also available teaching times with our chosen teacher were late for a 6 year old, Dan, our teacher, made a massive impression on our daughter. Wether she has a tantrum being tired right before a lesson or the bad father reprimanding her for not being focused, Dan swings the mood around every single time. It is amazing to see how he captured the attention of a child. After 2 1/2 month my daughter would not want to miss a session not even for being able to attend a party.

Germany, 23/03/2022
Karine S.

Lewis is a kind and patient tutor who is very committed to his students. He has good communication skills and a lot of experience in teaching English. I recommend!

Portugal, 16/03/2022
Kalpana .

Judith is a great teacher. Very dedicated and aims to get the best out of kids.

United Kingdom, 01/03/2022
Claudia S.

I'm taking lessons with Kevin for almost a year. And what can I say? He's the best teacher I've ever had and I feel that the confidence I often didn’t have in speaking English has been improving. The lessons are well prepared and the topics covered are always different, from historical things to more current topics. Kevin helps me a lot to improve my vocabulary and to overcome my difficulties in pronouncing some words. If you are looking for a teacher to help you improve your English, Kevin is the right person!

Portugal, 01/02/2022
Mark M.

Dan is a great teacher — professional, nice and intelligent. My son is crazy about his lessons.

Israel, 26/01/2022
Silvester F.

We find the teacher is great. Our children are learning good and it seems like our children are having fun.

Switzerland, 13/01/2022
Marat G.

My first lesson with Karen Rooney was very useful. Thank a lot OTUK and Karen)

Russia, 18/12/2021
Corrine L.

Thanks Barbara! I hope she could make use of the vocabulary in her written tasks in secondary school. And, keep her enthusiastic in learning and using English. Thank you. Corrine Mum

Hong Kong, 13/12/2021
Natalia M.

As Adam is an intelligent and careful teacher, learning the language has become a very interesting and exciting process for me. I still have to work hard on improving my grammar and increasing my vocabulary, but I can boldly move forward and I am very grateful to my tutor for that.

Germany, 16/11/2021
Agnieszka T.

Lina is an excellent teacher and a very nice person:) She has a flexible approach to teaching and adapts our lessons to my needs. I decided to focus on advancing my conversational skills and I feel that lessons with Lina have been helping me tremendously in achieving my goal. I will definitely continue them.

Luxembourg, 29/10/2021
Oana-Carolina S.

Vicky, my teacher, helped me a lot with improving my English skills. She is amazing! She is a really expert in teaching. She is alwalys in a good mood, she explains to me in detail with examples from the real life. She brings a balance to our lessons by selecting a plenty of topics from different fields. The 45 minutes go by too fast. I really like her approach. Therefore, I highly recommend her.

United Kingdom, 15/10/2021
Sonia Y.

Thanks Ms Sophia. Karen enjoyed the lessons and will continue the lessons in the future.

Hong Kong, 07/10/2021
Fung F.

Thank you so much for being kind and inspiring. I wish you all the best! Thank you

Hong Kong, 06/10/2021
Katerina S.

I like the lessons with Vicky. She is very patient, can explain every grammar. The lesson is structured & well prepaired, according to my needs. We can laugh together too. Thank you very much!

Germany, 29/09/2021
Emma B.

Sophia is a fantastic teacher and adapts promptly to students needs. She makes lessons fun and useful.

Switzerland, 22/09/2021
Marta M.

Dan is amazing at engaging my son into whatever they discuss. My son is 8 years old, so quite difficult to keep the focus for 45 mins, but Dan somehow makes it happen. My son is always looking forward to the lesson with Dan — which is the best feedback we can give to Dan. thanks a lot

Czech Republic, 21/09/2021
Natalia M.

I learned English before, but it always happened in big groups and there was no opportunity for me there to focus on my personal mistakes. So it's been ​my first experience of working with a language teacher one on one online. I'm very glad that I've found Adam. He is a very patient and supportive teacher. I'm very grateful to him for helping me with improving my grammar and pronunciation. My fear of conversation is almost gone.

Germany, 26/08/2021
Francesca R.

Emma is a wonderful teacher: she listened to me and my needs as a student and personalized the lessons on the basis of my requests. She is never tired to answer my questions. The course is going in the direction of making me feel more confident with the language: and I am very happy about it.

Germany, 23/08/2021
Solomon A.

My daughter enjoyed the lessons with you. She said you are a good teacher.Thanks for supporting her!

Ethiopia, 17/08/2021
Katie W.

I am grateful that Miss Sophia was my teacher. She is such a kind and a caring teacher! She improved my English so much in the past 2+ years that I am more confident to speak with native English speaker. I am regretting that I can’t attend her lessons because of my relocation, but I’m sure that I will choose Miss Sophia to be my teacher again in the future!Thanks you Sophia!!

Hong Kong, 08/08/2021
Erandi Yunuen G.

The lessons met my expectations

Mexico, 06/08/2021
Rafael M.

Stevie is a very dedicated teacher; his level of patience is noteworthy and he will always be willing to give advice. Along with teaching me grammar in an entertaining way, he privileges conversation about current topics, shares interesting music, prepares a lot of material, articles and exercises, and recommends books of great interest. Thank you Stevie and OTUK for providing such quality service.

Chile, 25/07/2021
Oana-Carolina S.

Vicky really helps me a lot. I have improved my English skills in a very short time. I kindly recommend her.

United Kingdom, 25/07/2021
Nehara M.

Sally is kind, empathic, and full of energy. I felt comfortable during our lessons and really enjoyed them. Sally adjusted the lessons according to my needs and was very flexible. She also invited me to send her my homework and extra writing tasks. I wish to thank Sally for this!

Germany, 23/07/2021
Oana-Carolina S.

Vicky is amaizing! I really enjoy every English class.

United Kingdom, 25/06/2021
Masaaki Y.

Helen is a great experienced teacher. Her lesson covers wide range of topics and targets such as improvements of various skills such as grammar, vocabulary, writing and presentation skills. All lessons are enjoyable. It’s a perfect English lesson.

Japan, 09/06/2021
Tamara N.

Tom is a very good teacher and educator. My English language has improved with newvocabulary and better grammar.  Most noticeable to me is that he corrects my spokenEnglish with minimal intrusion, firmly but politely without me losing the flow of speech.

Canada, 07/06/2021
Tuncay E.

I trust myself when I study with Dan. I am trying to improve my vocabulary.

United Kingdom, 31/05/2021
Slava K.

Dear Maxine, thank you so much for your lessons. My daughter (9 years old) has been happy to provide her time with you since one year ago when we started to take lessons here. She waits each week for that day to make fun, to talk about things she likes, dreams, and wishes in her preferred foreign language! My daughter began to read more books, sing popular songs and teach each one in the family new words. Thank you very much, Maxine!!!

Israel, 25/05/2021
Fung F.

Very take care of my child with so much and affection. Thank you!

Hong Kong, 21/05/2021
Keith C.

Mr. Dan is a very kindness and patience language teacher. He can use his activity teaching to let my son (Keith) to focus on English pronunciation and vocabulary improvement. The most importance point is through Mr. Dan his teaching let my son keep had much interested in English language training.Many thanks for Mr. Dan to teaching my son through this online lesson!From Keith's father.

United Kingdom, 17/04/2021
Nina D.

His lesson is like having a friendly conversation on a topic of interest to you. There are no more mistakes in your speech — Lewis simply helps you to better express your thoughts and feelings. Widely erudite, well educated, intelligent, with a good sense of humor, empathetic, easily picks up a conversation or leads it when there is a need for it (keeps balance). There is also something that may seem like a minus to someone — since he refrains from evaluations in general, he does not praise you)The best teacher I have ever met.

Russia, 28/03/2021
Solomon A.

I like the teaching methodology and the flexibility to accommodate the need of the students. As the time for one session is only 45 minutes, I would recommend effective utilization of the time during each session.

Ethiopia, 17/03/2021
Charlotte J.

Great courses with Rachel to help me gain confidence in English, she gave me helpful resources to keep improving my comprehension skills. Always a pleasure to spend 45 min with her

United Kingdom, 27/02/2021
Anna F.

We like the way she is leading the lessons. The variety to present the language from the grammar to the reading and comprehension and use of english, exactly what Emma needs. Sometimes she helps Emma with her homework and Emma feels comfortable talking to Helen. Thanks a lot.

Italy, 15/02/2021
Anna N.

Learning with Jan is a pleasure. She is my best teacher ever, always friendly, supportive and punctual.

United Kingdom, 10/02/2021
Tony L.

Nina W is very professional and I am pleasantly surprised on her proactiveness to research and update on Singapore PSLE exam syllabus.My daughter enjoyed the sessions conducted by Nina. Thanks!

Singapore, 31/01/2021
Alzari F.

My daughters likes the lessons so much and improving thank you Mr Dan for making them likes the lessons and waiting for the next lesson

Saudi Arabia, 28/01/2021
Elena Y.

Laura is a great teacher, she is always trying to keep the interest using various methods and ways whilst focusing on learning objective. We like the selection of topics, the way Laura manages the lesson and the style that fits well my son`s personality and his pace of learning. I also appreciate Laura`s agility and flexibility in terms of switching or selection of topics or ways of learning as you go through the lessons. Highly recommended!

Netherlands, 18/01/2021
Karol M.

Amazing lessons and I feel the improvement.

Austria, 16/01/2021
Jolin W.

She is a really good teacher!

China, 16/01/2021
Linda P.

I'm so happy with Laura's lessons, she made every lesson interesting. Thank you again.

United Kingdom, 12/01/2021
Karol M.

I do feel improvement in my English in terms of fluency and new vocabulary. We study together a lot of interesting topics, which is very enriching. John has a good sense of humor and always tries to approach the educations on the level of freshness and interesting experience.

Austria, 07/01/2021
Zuzia S.

Barbara is a great teacher! My 11 years old daughter likes the lessons both for the reasons of the atmosphere as well as the way they are conducted. Topics are shared ahead of the meetings so that there is enough time for preparation.

Poland, 22/12/2020
Alzari F.

Great teacher he knows what the student need exactly thank you

Saudi Arabia, 12/12/2020
Reidar L.

Dedicated teacher that helped me in improving my vocabulary and gave confidence.

Denmark, 27/11/2020
Mami T.

I've taken a lot of English lessons until now, but Vicky's lesson at OTUK is the best one.She is really good at teaching and her lesson is always well-prepared.OTUK's lesson is worth more than the price.Thank you very much!

Japan, 27/11/2020
Alzari F.

Thank you Mr Dan for helping my daughters improving and my 5 year daughter become excited and love the lesson

Saudi Arabia, 13/11/2020
Maria B.

Last month I conclude my first lessons package with Holly... It was perfect for my goal: a lesson to deliver in a german university. Holly is friendly and her method is very fit to one who wants remember new terms and grammar rules, but also the correct pronunce... I hope to start again another group of lesson with her to maintain improving my english! Thank you Holly

Italy, 11/11/2020
Hideyuki W.

She gave me an excellent lesson!

Germany, 11/11/2020
Orstavik F.

Since starting with Jen our children's abilities in English have dramatically improved, while the lessons stay fun and engaging. She has a high level of professionalism, focus on the need of the child while still paying attention to our (parents) opinions.

Norway, 10/11/2020
Alzari F.

Good teacher patient with my child know the area where improvement are needed

Saudi Arabia, 23/10/2020
Wai Man Vicky Y.

Good teacher

Hong Kong, 16/09/2020
Carla C.

I like my lessons because Ms Jen is so nice and she doesn’t force me to do lots and lots of homework,the homeworks she tells me to do aren’t boring stuff like workbooks, she tells me to write diaries of my “Unforgettable moments at school.” In lessons, we read different kinds of books together, l really enjoyed having lessons with Ms Jen, l am so lucky to have such a great teacher.

Hong Kong, 14/09/2020
Hitomi K.

Kevin is a amazing teacher I ever had! He always gives valuable information and clear directions related to my requests. Plus, additional helpful phrases, very «English expressions» and interesting stories. I am hugely glad that I took Kevin's lessons. Looking forward to seeing him again soon! Thanks a lot Kevin!

Japan, 14/09/2020
Katie W.

Patient & Nice

Hong Kong, 09/09/2020
Ella W.

Best English teacher

United States, 04/09/2020
Sara L.

Joy is a very impressive teacher for children. Her teaching encourages children to express themselves during class without inhibitions. Joy is a really cheerful and open-minded person who responds effectively to the needs of the children by applying various learning methods and resources. We are very happy to have found such a competent teacher for our child, who teaches the English language in a professional, but in an easy comprehensible and fun way!

Germany, 19/08/2020
Salah S.

I chose the intensive English course, and now I'm in my second week. I can say it was very helpful for me, I have learnt a lot of things in a friendly environment,and my teacher is a professional and capable to make me improve myself in English. I look forward to completing the course and get the most out of it.

Kuwait, 07/08/2020
Amelie G.

The best online English lessons made affordable to anyone. I wish I found this earlier.David

Luxembourg, 01/08/2020
Wai Man Vicky Y.

She is very nice and good teacher. I am improve my English much.

Hong Kong, 29/07/2020
Amelie G.

We are very grateful to Joy for the English lessons she was giving to our 8 years-old daughter. Joy is extremely professional and adjusts everyone's needs. We highly recommend Joy. David and Amelie

Luxembourg, 28/07/2020
Isabella C.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Joy as an English teacher for our daughter Izzy. She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, patient and prepares lessons that are fun and enjoyable which keeps our daughter interested and motivated throughout. We would highly recommend Joy and hope to use her for many years to come.

United Kingdom, 27/07/2020
Beatrice G.

We are very happy. Dan is a very good teacher and is doing an excellent job with our daughter. He can be very engaging and Beatrice really enjoys working with him. We are pleased he keeps her involved with daily homeworks in addition to the daily conversations. RegardsDaniele

France, 27/07/2020
Rosa H.

I enjoyed my lessons with Emma. She helped me improve my writing skills and grammar.

United Kingdom, 16/07/2020
Fung F.

Very good teacher and has heart! Works hard and good responsibility. Our kids both are like her! Thank you so much!

Hong Kong, 09/07/2020
Apurva P.

She is very good.

Switzerland, 06/07/2020
Lancine T.

great teacher.

Spain, 29/06/2020
Orstavik F.

Have given previously top review on performance. Would like to point out the great flexibility shown by Jen in the lockdown period with COVID-19 and varying time-tables for the kids. She always stretches herself to help and adjust!

Norway, 29/06/2020
Filip T.

The lesson was well organised and also convenient for me:).

Czech Republic, 23/06/2020
Hyunrok S.

Greatest teacher ever. He made me get 6.5 in ielts speaking. Thought it was impossible but he was a game changer. Always glad to have lessons with Rufus.

Korea South, 20/06/2020
Victoria B.

Nina is a very good teacher. I liked doing lessons with her very much!Good luck, Nina!

Moldova, 17/06/2020
Tatiana C.

i am satisified, my kids love Laura and I start to speak which is the target

Slovakia, 16/06/2020
Masa S.

Joel has been teaching my six years old son. Joel quickly established friendly relationship with him. He truly enjoys lessons and is willing to speak and share with his teacher. As the lesson topics are fun and often things of his interests, it is naturally fun for him to talk. He was new to Online lessons, and it was a good surprise for me that it worked so well and fun for him! Thank you so much, Joel.

Japan, 10/06/2020
Isis B.

John is a very professional and experienced teacher. I´m enjoying my lessons and I do feel more confident. I have learned lots of new words and catching up on my English day by day.

Brazil, 08/06/2020
Franzese F.

My teacher is very kind and I'm learning a lot with her. She is patient and she explains very well the things.

Spain, 07/06/2020
Orstavik F.

We are seeing strong progress both kids. Jen demonstrates the ability to keep them both motivated!

Norway, 24/05/2020
Corrine L.

She makes me comfortable when I am talking to her. Also, she is talkative. She would like to share about interesting things. During the our conversation, she corrects my grammar mistakes. I can improve my grammar and other things about English like sentences structure.

Hong Kong, 19/05/2020
Rasa A.

Each time new interesting topics, pleasant communication and useful tasks. All this strengthens self-confidence.

Lithuania, 19/05/2020
Yasuharu N.

Lewis is a great teacher! He teaches me English in a very systematic way. He is also funny. I am very satisfied with his way of teaching.

United Kingdom, 19/05/2020
Piero C.

Jen is an amazing teacher for children. At the end of every lesson, I am always amazed by her ability to motivate and engage my son in conversations. In only few months I’ve seen an incredible progress in his confidence in speaking English. He’s also improving his ability to write texts, structuring stories, and he’s deepening his knowledge of science. I strongly believe that Jen is having a great, positive impact in Piero’s development, and this goes beyond the learning of a foreign language.

Spain, 16/05/2020
Socorro M.

Chris is a very dedicated teacher

Netherlands, 30/04/2020
Valentine T.

Valentine is full of joy when she attend lesson with Nina. She has built a strong confiance with her and she feels the improvement. She starts to ask us some words in English, she really likes this language, it's her fourth language. She has a good time and learning English is a play game for her. Thank you Nina!

Switzerland, 28/04/2020
Orstavik F.

Great lessons.

Norway, 24/04/2020
Yuki N.

Nina was a great teacher, giving our 8 year old daughter the right level of lessons and relevant amount of homework to keep her excited. She loved every lesson, and she even said she could keep having Nina’s lessons for the rest of her life as she simply loved it. Thank you so much for all the well thought through lessons and the detailed report after each lesson.Thank you so much.Yuki

Japan, 23/04/2020
Pong I.

My kids expressed confidence in speaking English

Hong Kong, 22/04/2020
Erle Lian B.

Our daughter Erle is making fantastic progress and is enjoying classes with Jen. Since this is extra curriculum, it's important that she is motivated. A combination of well thought out classes with relevant and tailored topics and exercises combined with and a good and friendly learning environment produces nice progress and a motivated student.

Norway, 18/04/2020
Nicoletta S.

Today has been the last of the 12 lessons I booked with Jen. I really enjoyed each of them, sharing feelings, telling personal decisions and events of my life, discussing opinions about different Education approaches. Jen is a very serious, careful, empathetic, motivating teacher, incredibly able to support and address your efforts to specific goals in a funny way every time, recognizing individual learning needs and focusing on them (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, etc). I am thinking I will continue having conversation classes with her because it will make me more fluent and feel more confident with my spoken and listening English. Thank you Jen! My best wishes. See you soon!

Netherlands, 17/04/2020
Carla B.

Every lesson is better than the previous one!!! I ´m enjoying myself a lot. Being an advanced user and teacher means sometimes you don´t have a chance to speak English with people who can correct you. Jen is a great teacher, I really like talking to her.

Argentina, 08/04/2020
Ryo K.

Review on and Feedback to GregDefinitely, Greg is the best English teacher I've ever met. He is really passionate about teaching, even preparing original materials based on my requests, and a great listener and speaker. I can highly recommend ham especially to those who are struggling with speaking and listening with Native speakers in spite of knowing enough vocabulary and grammar. He is the right person for the learners who are eager to acquire REAL English.

United States, 02/04/2020
Carla B.

I loved my class with Jen. She´s friendly, nice to talk to and made me feel at home.

Argentina, 26/03/2020
osvaldo c.

Rufus is an excellent teacher. He is patient and punctualOTUK works very good for me and makes me feel more confident with the British accent.

Costa Rica, 23/03/2020
Hikaru I.

We are really glad to have met a nice teacher! She is very kind and good at teaching kids.

Japan, 19/03/2020
María Jesús L.

I've just finished my trial and I'm very happy. Jen seemes very nice and a very good teacher. Thanks.

Spain, 18/03/2020
Pong I.

I like the first lesson

Hong Kong, 12/03/2020
Daniel O.

She is teaching international student with tolerance. Also, she delighted to answer my question when she is not on duty.

Korea South, 07/03/2020
Piero C.

Jen is an amazing teacher for kids. She's with no doubts among the best teachers you can hope for. This is due not only to her great competence and professionalism, but also to the passion she has for teaching and for how much she cares about the learning of the students. My 10 years old son is truly engaged and motivated at every lesson and he's improving very much, every week.I feel very lucky to have Jen as our teacher. Thanks to Jen and to the OTUK team for making this possible.

Spain, 22/02/2020
itthipon w.

simple, effective and helpful

Thailand, 12/02/2020
Mohamed A.

The lessons are very useful. Chris also helpful and supportive. He helps me to go outside the clumsy room. Regard to enhancement, might in the future need to reinforce my writing skills also. In the End, Thanks Chris.

Egypt, 07/02/2020
Marina R.

I love my lessons with Nina in that in I can practise my speaking skills. I feel much more confident than when I started taking lessons. I also like that the tutor asks me what I would like to discuss the following class. All in all, i am enjoying my lessons very much!!!!

Chile, 04/02/2020
Silvia R.

Andrew is a really professional teacher. Always willing to help and very careful with the details.

United Kingdom, 25/01/2020
Galina K.

My lessons are well planned.

Russia, 20/01/2020
Carl v.

Greg is a fantastic tutor! He related to my child instantly. His attitude to the students is amazing: his lessons are customised, well prepared, enthusiastic and fun — my son laughs and giggles. He teaches with lot´s of energy and empathy! He really makes a positive impact and helps my son (year 2, international school) to improve his English. Thanks

Germany, 10/01/2020
Thorben S.

Rufus is a really great teacher!

Germany, 22/12/2019
Elena L.

The lesson was interesting and I got a lot of new information.

Russia, 27/11/2019
Vafa J.

I am grateful for your help.Our lessons were interesting and informative.I feel more confident now.

Azerbaijan, 15/11/2019
Katalin A.

I am very satisfied with Emma Wates, who is my English teacher.Despite I don’t have time to learn Englis I feel my English is getting better, maybe slower than Emma would like. I notice, she would like to help me very strongly, she would be that my English would be even better.Emma is a very kind, creative, flexible and smart person. The lessons are very varied, — they aren’t boring. Some times we use one of English books, some times she has an interesting topic which we can discuss. I am always waiting for our lesson, I enjoy them very much. Thank you!

Hungary, 05/11/2019
Jean-Michel D.

Chris is a great teacher

France, 23/09/2019
Thorben S.


Germany, 09/09/2019
Kvam F.

Very well prepared lessons for our 3 children. Good in taking advantage of their natural interests — that is great for their motivation. Particular good fit with our daughter..

Norway, 06/09/2019
Olga K.

I am very grateful to Sophia for the lessons she was doing with my 6-year-old daughter. Sophia is extremely professional and adjusts the lessons to your needs. I highly recommend Sophia as the best British English teacher my daughter and I have ever had.Thank you again!Olga and Maryna

Luxembourg, 19/08/2019
Katalin A.

I am very satisfied with my English teacher, her name is Emma Wates. She is very attentive, patient, she always kindly corrects my mistakes, as in my grammar, as in my pronunciation. Unfortunately, I don't have too much time to learn nonetheless I feel my progress in my English. Frequently she sends me videos which are also very useful for me. I am very happy that she is my English teacher, therefore I would like to continue to learn English with her.

Hungary, 15/08/2019
Ekaterina T.

Resume about my lessons and my teacher: I like to study English with Emma. She is very clever and open minded. She always tries to find an interesting material to our lessons and topics to discuss. We can talk about anything and she always notice my mistakes, tells me about them, record in a chat new words or new grammar constructions. Recommendations: It would be good if we implement dictionary test for new phrases and words once a week or once per 2 weeks.

Russia, 31/07/2019
Cyrine O.


Canada, 29/07/2019
Polina T.

I like being motivated by teacher. She gives me many corrections improving my spelling and speech.

United States, 24/07/2019
Hien D.

i like my teacher

Italy, 17/07/2019

Marcos ha insistido en continuar con las clases durante todo el curso porque ha percibido un progreso marcado en sus conocimientos gracias a Ian.El año que viene volveremos con las clases

Spain, 26/06/2019
Anna P.

Asya enjoys the classes very much. She is happy to chat with Rufus on various topics and is re-energized after lessons. Many thanks!

Russia, 21/04/2019
Erle Lian B.

These lessons have been a tremendous help in helping our non-native 9-year-old gain confidence and put her vocabulary to work. Now that the speaking apprehension lowered, a number of improvements have been made. The weekly feedback has been an important tool in keeping track. Karen is a great teacher who works excellently with our daughter and manages to get the very best out of her.

Norway, 10/04/2019
Sarah E.

Jonathan was my teacher last year. He helped me to get ready for a job interview and his support was gold value. He taught extremely professionally and took every single hour very seriously. The outcome was perfect

Switzerland, 02/04/2019
Robert V.

Great flexible lessons, good quality (native) and reasonably priced!

Netherlands, 29/03/2019
Ramon A.

Jonathan is the best teacher!I can see my improvement every day.I'm really happy!Thank you OTUK and Jonathan for everything.

United Kingdom, 26/03/2019
Luca M.

Kevin is a very good teacher

Italy, 25/03/2019
Rasika R.

I enjoyed all my lessons. They were very interesting and professional.

United Kingdom, 24/01/2019
Nilda G.

Jonathan is a very, very good teacher, focusing on your needs and preparing you in a very practical way to your exams (in my case). He nows how to elicit your ideas and express them in a very natural way. I heartily recommend him for whatever need or trouble you may have about English. And his English is so beatiful!

Spain, 04/01/2019
Andriana T.

Well prepared and competent Jonathan is your right person if you need job interview preparation. He will give you the right direction and confidence.I'm really thankful for his help.

Bulgaria, 26/12/2018
Leila N.

It is very useful and time consuming

United Kingdom, 18/12/2018
Allan C.

teacher very professional

Colombia, 16/12/2018
Carlo C.


United States, 28/11/2018
Kvam F.

Our 3 children have had classes with Jacqueline Clarke for several years now, and her classes are a highlight of the week. She is always able to present themes and tasks that interest all 3, at their level. The children get top grades at school in oral English due to these classes. Both children and parents are very happy!

Norway, 27/11/2018
Darija I.

Sophia is really kind and pleasant. Darija really likes her. I hope they'll have wonderful time together, and successful lessons as well. Thank you

Macedonia, 08/11/2018
Andrea U.

I like this format. It is perfect for my scenario and availability.My teacher Mr. Mintram is prepared and he perfectly understands my objectives, supporting me to reach them.

Italy, 06/11/2018
Piero C.

Karen is really brilliant in teaching English to kids. After few lessons I have already noticed that my son has improved a lot his English knowledge and fluency. Karen is doing a wonderful job!I find these lessons very effective. Moreover, having the chance to take classes during the weekend directly from home, is extremely practical.

Spain, 04/11/2018
Lorenzo Z.

Thank you let

Italy, 02/11/2018
Fung F.

Thank you Teacher Jackie! My daughter loves and enjoy to attend yr class! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Hong Kong, 01/11/2018
Garin Y.

Interactive teaching method is wonderful, it makes the kid to enjoy the class very much

Hong Kong, 31/10/2018
Elena N.

I like the teacher

Russia, 23/10/2018
Eunyoung L.

He teaches me kindly and patiently. I am happy to talk with him in English.

United Kingdom, 23/10/2018
Gabriela N.

Dear all,I like about my lessons especially a personal tutor's attitude towards me. I enjoy online English lessons because my tutor listens to my needs and wishes. She always searches for some extra information from different media credible resources which helps farther develop the given topic. She also shares her opinions with me as the British citizen on a study text. And she shows sincere interest in my educational materials. I appreciate such a thoughtful and acquainted tutor.Best regards,Gabriela Nov

Czech Republic, 22/10/2018
Olga P.

I do travel a lot and for me was important to have flexible shedule. I found it in OTUK. My teacher consider my wishes and requests, she gives me always new interesting stuff and we work together on my weak points in language.

Russia, 09/10/2018
Alina P.

Hi, I am happy with my lessons, they are very productive and my teacher Esther is fully supportive.Every day in my work I use my new knowledge from our lessons.I am building my confidence to talk by phone and write emails to clients. Thanks.

United Kingdom, 02/10/2018
Fung F.

Teacher is very kind. Aaby is really loves to take the lesson.

Hong Kong, 02/10/2018
Marcelo A.

Great teacher, iterative classes with smart conversations, flexibility to reschedule as needed. Congrats

United Kingdom, 02/10/2018
Lidiane G.

I loved it! Esther was the best english teacher I've had. I wish could have a class with her everyday. She found my mistakes and focused on improving them. My English has improved a lot in a such short time. My co-workers have complimented me. I will definitely recommend OTUK to my friends.

United Kingdom, 01/10/2018
Kvam F.

All our 3 children are having classes with Jacqueline, and she has followed them for several years now. They have really been learning a lot, and all 3 are amongst the best in their classes in oral English. I think the secret is to be found in the fact that Jacqueline is very good at finding subjects being of great interest for the children.

Norway, 26/09/2018
Anna Z.

I liked everything about my lessons

United Kingdom, 25/09/2018
Emanuela S.

Today I have done a pleasant lesson. Sarah is always patient and available.

Italy, 04/09/2018
Emanuela S.

I like the argument and the teacher is very nicely

Italy, 21/08/2018
Katalin A.

I enjoy very much our lessons with Emma. Her lessons are very useful for me,she helps imorove my English knowledge.Thanks!

Hungary, 21/08/2018
Alex M.

I like that I learn very quickly what I want to know and it is fun also.

Greece, 26/06/2018
Orstavik F.

Karen is very attentive to the child's needs and the parent's wishes. For us learning English is now fun and exiting.

Norway, 17/06/2018
Katya B.

I think that the lessons with Kevin perfectly serve the objectives we agreed on and I can clearly see my progress. Kevin always suggests interesting topics for discussion and finds interesting articles/other materials for the lessons. I enjoy the lessons a lot and think that Kevin is a great teacher.

Russia, 05/06/2018
Sasha V.

Sophia has been working with my younger sister, Ira, for a few months now. Ira is enjoying her lessons very much and improving noticeably. We couldn't ask for a better arrangement. Sophia is a great teacher, very flexible and understanding, as well as getting along very well with Ira. I couldn't be happier with the decision to start these lessons.

Canada, 31/05/2018
Karina R.

My teacher is very good, because all the time improve me my level when I talk in English

Mexico, 30/05/2018
Luca M.

Thank you very muchwf for your support! Best Luca

Italy, 11/05/2018
Andriana T.

Chris is my brilliant techer.With his professionalism and good sense of humor our lessons have never been boring.He encourages me and gives me a lot of new knolege

Bulgaria, 07/05/2018
Karina R.

I like my English lessons because I'm improving my conversation

Mexico, 01/05/2018
Orstavik F.

Child friendly, engaging.

Norway, 22/04/2018
Andriana T.

Chris is my favourite techer.With his professionalism and patience he give me confidence and new knoledge.I would like to continue my studies with him.

Bulgaria, 17/04/2018
Maria G.

Chris is a great teacher, I will really recommend to everyone

United Kingdom, 17/04/2018
Juan Andres G.

Richard is an excellent professor! For the last months we have been working in my preparation for the TOEFL exam. In each aspect I improve and feel confortable with Richard. He is very responsable with the homeworks reviews and the preparation of the class. Nice to have such a good teacher for my english development.

Costa Rica, 17/04/2018
Ivan M.

Kevin is an amazing teacher! I look forward to every lesson.

Russia, 16/04/2018
Nancy J.

* No text feedback

Singapore, 10/04/2018
Andriana T.

I waste a lot of money and time with other online courses before I met Chris.Having Eight lessons with him I felt more confident and got dealing better with tasks.Chris is really experienced and found my weakneses very quck, than started to fix them in realy enjoiable way.So I bought another pack and continue go ahead

Bulgaria, 06/03/2018
Diliara T.

Rufus is very professional, good prepared and patient teacher. I appreciate the quality and knowledge I get from his lessons.

Russia, 27/02/2018
Amy J.

Dear Teacher Amy, Thank you very much for progress report. I am very happy to hear that her English is improving. Regards, Nancy

Singapore, 15/02/2018
Alla O.

The teacher — Sophia is a great person with all the necessary skills and experience in business communication. It was a pleasure to have lessons with her!

Russia, 13/02/2018
Ivan M.

I'm really impressed. I'm looking forward for every lesson.

Russia, 02/02/2018
Katerina S.

Nice & qualified teacher, individual agreements with the teacher are possible, good price/performance ratio. I am very satisfied

Germany, 30/01/2018
Timur V.

Hello,I appreciate Richard's help on difficult points of the language, on enriching my vocabulary, and most of all his help on keeping my English

Netherlands, 11/01/2018
Kazu H.

What I like about my lessons were my teacher always listened/ asked what I want to do before the class (just few minutes before the class ends), and he was always well prepared for the next class. I was more than satisfied. I am still learning British English, thus, my teacher was British and always great to hear actual British explanations and accents through my lessons!

Japan, 12/12/2017
Carlota V.

* No text feedback

Spain, 11/12/2017
Elizabeth L.

* No text feedback

Slovakia, 06/12/2017
Carlota V.

* No text feedback

Spain, 28/11/2017
Ahmet O.

* No text feedback

United Kingdom, 20/11/2017
Dumitru L.

Very good teacher. Gave me a lot of IELTS materials. I am very thankful!

Moldova, 01/11/2017
Juan Andres G.

I am very delighted with Richard Kacperek, he is a excellent teacher and very organize with every class. Together we are working in my TOEFL exam and help me with my essays for the U.K Scholarship.

Costa Rica, 31/10/2017
Edward S.

I think Ian is one of the best English teachers I have ever met, and he is very proficient in dealing with IELTS Exam techniques.

Hong Kong, 28/10/2017
Linh N.

* No text feedback

Vietnam, 20/10/2017
Thanh Minh N.

* No text feedback

Vietnam, 10/10/2017
Alexey E.

Hello.I can only say that i do like my lessons with my mentor in the business and IELTS preparation. Thank you!

Russia, 26/09/2017
Luca M.

* No text feedback

Italy, 27/08/2017
Leo K.

Sarah is a wonderful teatcher with an angel's patience, which really fits well with young students. She is at all times very happy and very kind. She is well-strucked and she tries to find a way that the student will learn more based on the student's prerequisites. She recognize the student's emotional state and always makes the lesson a very pleasant experience and a good opportunity for learning.

Sweden, 23/08/2017
Daniel U.

Gabriel is a well-prepared, kind teacher, who permanently tries to adapt his lessons on the student's needs.Lessons with him bring one forward and make fun as well!

Germany, 06/08/2017
Nehar (Yash) C.

* No text feedback

United Arab Emirates, 06/08/2017
Osama A.

Great and reliable service

Ireland, 01/08/2017
Denise D.

* No text feedback

Switzerland, 31/07/2017
Gabrella B.

I enjoyed my lessons as He's a pleasant and engaging person. I appreciated a lot his versatility. He's been always very sharp and reliable. I asked for paper to my do homework on my own and I received plenty! I had very little time left before my exam and I can state that we made the most of it!!

Italy, 25/07/2017
Sagar S.

* No text feedback

Italy, 18/07/2017
Diliara T.

* No text feedback

Russia, 18/07/2017
Haruhisa T.

I'll try to have a sense of curiosity and researching mind about happenings in the world.In addition, I want to comprehend about what an issue is from the view of history. In the end, I have an individual opinion. in addition, I attempted to express it in English.Fortunately or unfortunately, we can get any information from websites very easily.Recently, I concluded that any information has been biased. So, I always try to know several kinds of information from such as BBC, CNN, Time magazine, Spiege?English version), VOA and others. I try to. Since I started learning English, I'm interested in how foreign people think about especially the current issue of Japan.Sometimes, I wrote what I understood. So, Rufus checked and revised my brief writings so far. He is patient and generous. I'd like to continue to learn with him.

Japan, 17/07/2017
Amy J.

My daughter and I feel that teacher Amy gives very helpful feedback and we want to continue next month. I am surprised that teacher can help my daughter's local exam from a distance, UK and I really appreciate her help.

Singapore, 27/06/2017
Grigory B.

* No text feedback

Russia, 27/06/2017
Alexander Z.

* No text feedback

Russia, 12/06/2017
Grethyll k.

I like the way he teaches the lesson, especially the conversation. it really helps me improve my communication skill and acquire new expressions, vocabulary and being aware of using the correct Grammar structure.

Korea South, 30/05/2017
Marek G.

* No text feedback

Poland, 30/05/2017
Yasuyuki K.

* No text feedback

Japan, 24/05/2017
Laura C.

The teacher is prepared and makes the lessons very enjoyable.

Switzerland, 23/05/2017
Jesus G.

* No text feedback

Spain, 23/05/2017
Alexander F.

* No text feedback

Switzerland, 20/05/2017
Peter N.

* No text feedback

Ireland, 17/05/2017
Yannick S.

HI guys,Amy was an awesome teacher. I will highly recommend her to my friends.The price for the lessons was fair. BestYannick

Australia, 17/05/2017
Zayn F.

Amy has been an excellent spoken English tutor for my son Zayn over the past few months. I am very impressed with her enthusiasm and her ability to connect and engage with a young learner as my son.She is very patient and has always been very supportive and encouraging which has boosted Zayn's confidence.As discussed earlier I would like the focus of the lessons to emphasise the reading and spoken components more then the written homework which he struggles to do in addition to his regular school homework.Again my goal for him is to read and speak in a clear neutral accent with excellent fluency and appropriate rhythm, intonation and right phonetics. For this I believe the more practice he gets to speak / read aloud with corrective feedback the more he would be able to exercise his

Bahrain, 14/05/2017
Valery T.

* No text feedback

Belarus, 14/05/2017
Luca M.

* No text feedback

Italy, 13/05/2017
Mariluz G.

I would like to read books related to topics that I'm interested. And having discussions about the chapters every week.Best regards.

Chile, 10/05/2017
Stephanie C.

* No text feedback

Hong Kong, 09/05/2017
Chloe Leung (.

Thank you Jacqueline for your kind comments!

Hong Kong, 09/05/2017
Maria B.

Sofia is a wonderful teacher. I really enjoy studying with her.

Russia, 02/05/2017
Danil G.

Hi guys i really like your course and satisfied my teacher

Russia, 27/04/2017
Marek G.

* No text feedback

Poland, 26/04/2017
Daniel U.

* No text feedback

Germany, 21/04/2017
Linnea F.

amy is a very good teacher for children. she is always preapared, enthusiastic and very kind. thank you for the high-quality lessons!

United Kingdom, 19/04/2017
Diliara T.

* No text feedback

Russia, 18/04/2017
Haruhisa T.

A lot of things occurred every day in the world. When I didn't study English, I was satisfied to get information from Japanese medias. But, since I started to learn English, I've comprehended that there are many views depending on each country, position, history and relationship. In the wartime, we relied on government information, but, when the war ended, many things were falsified and biased. Now, we can get any information and anytime from website. So, we should have ability to analyse and value on events. Rufus is very kind and generous, so I'll try to talk about current happenings and I can learn a different way of thinking. I'll continue to study with him for the time being. Thank you.

Japan, 18/04/2017
Zeltia G.

Very practical and useful lessons. Just what I needed!

Spain, 31/01/2017
Guilherme F.

Great! My classes have being a game changer!

Brazil, 31/01/2017
Svetlana G.

* No text feedback

Switzerland, 31/01/2017
Mohammad A.

* No text feedback

United Kingdom, 24/01/2017
Leo K.

* No text feedback

Sweden, 10/01/2017
Emil T.

The lesson method was great. I got a smart and patient teacher knowing everything I needed. However, I found online teaching was not as good as the real one in terms of sound quality. My internet connection was good, so was my teacher's. But, his sound was sometimes unclear. It happened many times. I didn't know what was wrong

Indonesia, 04/01/2017
Jorge D.

* No text feedback

United Kingdom, 03/01/2017
Paola F.

Teacher is proactively suggesting how to lead classes in order to fulfill my need to improve business english. Totally satisfied.

Italy, 03/01/2017
Natalia F.

Ian always gives an opportunity to train my speaking skills during our conversation and then tell about my mistakes honestly. Also he interests about my wishes of further lessons and prepares required information and tasks for me.

Germany, 20/12/2016
Kocsi Z.

* No text feedback

Hungary, 07/12/2016
Mohamad F.

I am realy thankful for you all, as im getting to learn more and enjoy my time with this lessons

United Kingdom, 07/12/2016
Ranga M.

Mr.Bryan, is a very positive,energetic and intelligent tutor. I like his creative way of teaching

Singapore, 06/12/2016
Andrea G.

Sophia is a real enjoyable person, always smiling but at the same time professional. The only problem is the skype connection that usually doesn

Italy, 15/11/2016
Yulia Z.

* No text feedback

Russia, 09/11/2016
George V.

I have to say thank you, the teacher that was assigned to me (Jonathan) is great. He is really committed to help me pass the IELTS. He is always on schedule and always motivates me to do my best. I would recommend otuk to my peers for sure. The one thing that I like most is the professionalism.

Greece, 01/11/2016
Haruhisa T.

I'm very happy to study conversation with teacher Rufus. He is two generation younger than I. So, I'm sure he is quite patient. We are talking about many kinds of articles, especially current events. Since this study is good opportunity to share culture mutually, I tried to ask British history and religious affairs. At the same time, I want Rufus to understand about Buddhism, tradition and culture. I traveled the UK three times so far.When I was a young employee, I learned a lot about industrial technology from England.So, I respect your country and people now. I'll continue this lesson with Rufus as possible as I can.

Japan, 19/10/2016
Evgeni S.

* No text feedback

Bulgaria, 18/10/2016
Iftikhar B.

* No text feedback

United Kingdom, 11/10/2016
Anna M.

* No text feedback

Russia, 05/10/2016
Mirela M.

* No text feedback

Switzerland, 30/09/2016
Konstantina R.

I would like to thank Sarah Elizabeth Gibbons for our lessons. It was a great learning experience for me. She was always well-prepared, provided me in advance with study materials relevant to my needs and my working background. Regards,Konstantina Rachioti

Netherlands, 30/09/2016
Timur V.

Richard is a very experienced English language teacher, creates a nice and comfortable learning environment with a touch of English humor:)

Netherlands, 29/09/2016
Maria F.

I am really happy taking english lessons from Skype, Sarah has been an excellent teacher.

Brazil, 28/09/2016
Meng K.

Jacqueline is a wonderful teacher full of passionate, particularly in kid learning aspect. She is very considerate, creative and flexible in her teaching timing and method.My daughter enjoy learning English with her a lot.

Singapore, 28/09/2016
Gutierrez Family (.

Amy is a great teacher for kids. She understand their needs swiftly and makes the lesson entertaining whish is exactly what we wanted. We are very happy with her.

Spain, 28/09/2016
Gabriele C.

Sarah is a fantastic teacher and the lessons were been interesting and huseful for my purposes!I'm satisfied and I high recommend Sarah!

Italy, 27/09/2016
Olga S.

* No text feedback

Israel, 27/09/2016
Ivan S.

* No text feedback

Russia, 27/09/2016
Amit F.

Super teacher!

Israel, 26/09/2016

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