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At Online Teachers UK we understand the importance of learning English from an early age. Our courses are individually adapted to suit the level, study needs and interests of your child to ensure faster progress and encourage a love of the language.

English for Kids
for Kids

OTUK offers special English courses for kids which are designed to develop their interest in the language while ensuring they make faster progress. A positive experience with English early in a child’s life leads to better fluency and a love of the language later on. In contrast, a negative experience often has the opposite effect. At Online Teachers UK, we listen carefully to the study needs and interests of our young learners so that we can create courses that are relevant, interesting and fun. Our English for Kids courses are taught on a one-to-one basis via Skype and lessons are scheduled at a time and place to suit your family.

OTUK is a 100% UK-based school and only employs qualified British English teachers to ensure you receive top quality tuition. During a typical course, your child will actively engage in a wide range of activities including: speech practice, vocabulary building, error correction (accent, grammar and style), reading comprehension, writing skills, etc. We also provide additional academic assistance with school programmes and dedicated exam preparation to help your child succeed.

Why have others taken this course?

“... My daughter doesn’t get enough speaking practice at school and I don’t think the lessons are very good there. Alisa, Russia

“... In the future I would like my son to study abroad and he will need very good English to do that. Ayan, Kazakhstan

“... My son is already top of his English class at school but I want him to improve with a native speaker and do Cambridge exams. Cesc, Spain

“... I’m sure my daughter will need a high level of English to get a good job in the future. That’s why private English lessons are a good investment for our family. Carolina, Germany

“... I want my son to learn real British English from a native speaker. Our local tutors cannot help with this. Canan, Turkey

“... We are a busy family and my daughter doesn’t have time to go to a private English school. I think Skype lessons at home are a better choice for us. Faisal, Saudi Arabia

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