OTUK is an online English school run by a small team of British English teachers. Our school was founded in 2012 but many of our teachers have been working online for over 5 years. Continue reading

We see online education as the future of teaching and are committed to providing effective, 1-to-1 native English courses via Skype.

Our online school is unique in that it is run by native English teachers from the UK. Many members of our team have lived abroad and also speak additional languages, including: Russian, French, Spanish, Greek and German. We believe that native English teachers should have firsthand experience of studying foreign languages themselves because this aids understanding in the classroom. A good teacher leads by example.

We teach students of all levels from a range of different professional backgrounds and provide customised online English courses to suit your individual study needs. At OTUK we think in English and want to help you do the same. Our aim is to make English an essential part of your life, to surround and involve you in the language.

Why study English with us?

  • NATIVE ENGLISH from qualified online teachers
  • 1-to-1 classes guarantee you receive 100% of your teacher’s attention
  • Individualised online English courses specifically address your study goals and interests
  • Studying online saves you time and money while adding more flexibility
  • We speak your language (bilingual English teachers)

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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

How do our students rate us?

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Hi I've been using your services for a year now and paying for lessons of my nephew. I visited them this summer and noticed that his English level only slightly improved. I've asked a teacher several times for constructive feedback on his progress but always receive a vague «he is making a progress and working hard». Obviously it doesn't give me any information to base my decision whether to continue with the lessons or not. I believe you would benefit from more interaction and feedback to the parents/sponsors. In addition I was told the the teacher doesn't teach much writing which is in my opinion a big flaw.

Ukraine, Oct 03, 2016

I would like to thank Sarah Elizabeth Gibbons for our lessons. It was a great learning experience for me. She was always well-prepared, provided me in advance with study materials relevant to my needs and my working background. Regards,Konstantina Rachioti

Netherlands, Sep 30, 2016

Kevin is an amazing teacher! I look forward to every lesson.

Russia, Apr 16, 2018

Very practical and useful lessons. Just what I needed!

Spain, Jan 31, 2017

amy is a very good teacher for children. she is always preapared, enthusiastic and very kind. thank you for the high-quality lessons!

Germany, Apr 19, 2017

Hello.I can only say that i do like my lessons with my mentor in the business and IELTS preparation. Thank you!

Russia, Sep 26, 2017

I think Ian is one of the best English teachers I have ever met, and he is very proficient in dealing with IELTS Exam techniques.

Hong Kong, Oct 28, 2017

What I like about my lessons were my teacher always listened/ asked what I want to do before the class (just few minutes before the class ends), and he was always well prepared for the next class. I was more than satisfied. I am still learning British English, thus, my teacher was British and always great to hear actual British explanations and accents through my lessons!

Japan, Dec 12, 2017

Hello,I appreciate Richard's help on difficult points of the language, on enriching my vocabulary, and most of all his help on keeping my English «alive».I am quite satisfied with the training materials and with the methodology employed.Kind regards,Timur.

Netherlands, Jan 11, 2018

I have on the classes basic things, the lesson is not concentrated on teaching me in the area where I need, I have to tell to the teacher how the lesson should look like to have the progress. Probably it is easier to teach someone with the lower level than mine, as all teachers are concentrated just on the books, not on the preparation the lesson based on the student needs. My teachers saying that my english is good, my managers are saying that I need to improve my english. After 2 months I don't see too big progress, but I will try later to continue classes for a while and I will see if there is any better result.

Ireland, Feb 09, 2017

I would like to read books related to topics that I'm interested. And having discussions about the chapters every week.Best regards.

Chile, May 10, 2017

Very good teacher. Gave me a lot of IELTS materials. I am very thankful!

Moldova, Nov 05, 2017

Amy is a great teacher for kids. She understand their needs swiftly and makes the lesson entertaining whish is exactly what we wanted. We are very happy with her.

Spain, Sep 28, 2016
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