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If you are interested in improving your spoken English, a conversational English course from OTUK can help you work towards greater fluency and confidence in the language. Our unique one-to-one tuition ensures regular practice with a personal British English tutor to achieve faster results.

Conversational English

OTUK conversational English courses are designed to help you gain greater fluency and confidence in the spoken language through regular interaction with a native English tutor. Our conversational English lessons via Skype are adapted to suit your individual level, study goals and interests. This unique approach places you at the centre of the learning process and ensures classes are always relevant and engaging.

Whether you want to improve your fluency for everyday life, travel or pleasure, OTUK conversational English courses are dedicated to helping you gain confidence, competence and style when speaking the language. During a typical course you will explore a wide range of topics through active communication with your personal British English tutor. Key course elements include: speech practice, vocabulary building, error correction, accent training and more. Regular self study is expected of all students, who should complete homework between classes.

Why have others taken this course?

“... In my country I don’t get enough English conversation practice, especially with native speakers. Juhee, South Korea

“... I know grammar well, but I’m not very confident when speaking English and make mistakes because I’m nervous. Sofia, Ukraine

“... I can read, write and translate but I was never really taught to SPEAK English at school or university. Alexandros, Greece

“... I’m worried about my accent in English because sometimes people don’t understand what I’m saying. I want to speak with a more British accent. Ambrus, Hungary

“... I’m already quite fluent in English but I want to develop a more natural style – closer to that of a native speaker. Andreas, Norway

“... I’m tired of group classes where I spend most of the time listening to other people. I want a course that is just for me. Mark, Germany

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