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Be top of your class with OTUK

Make the most of your education with an academic English course from OTUK! Our experienced British teachers will provide the necessary support and training you need to enhance your fluency in English and achieve better results during your academic studies

Academic English

Studying abroad is never easy, especially when your course is taught in a foreign language. At OTUK, we understand the challenges associated with achieving academic success overseas in a new language and culture. So whether you are planning to study abroad, already at university in the UK or want to improve your academic English as a post-graduate, we can provide the dedicated one-to-one support you need to develop and progress.

As an OTUK student you will benefit from regular academic assistance and practical training with your own personal British English tutor. In addition, your academic English course will be adapted to address your specific weaknesses, subject area and study goals. Typical course elements include: essay writing, presentation skills, academic reading, subject-specific terminology, classroom debate and more. Our British tutors have firsthand experience of studying at UK universities and can help you achieve the academic success you deserve.

Why have others taken this course?

“... I am an international student at university in the UK and need to improve my English to write essays, do presentations and participate more actively in class. Miguel, Spain

“... Next year I want my daughter to study in Europe where her course will be taught in English. It would be useful for her to do some academic preparation online before then. Natalya, Russia

“... I’m interested in preparing some academic papers in English for submission overseas and need a native English speaker to assist me with the wording and presentation. Maki, Japan

“... Although I passed IELTS to level 6.5 to get into university in London, I feel like my English is not fluent enough to express my thoughts and opinions clearly. I need some extra training. Marco, Italy

“... I study in the UK but mostly communicate with other international students. I’d like to have more one-to-one practice with a native English speaker. Hwakyung, China

“... I have several essays to complete this semester so I would like some help with my academic writing. I need a tutor who can proofread my work too. Mohammed, UAE

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  • Where do your teachers come from?

    We only employ native English teachers from the UK. We do not employ American, Australian, Canadian or non-native English tutors. Our school is based in England and specialises 100% in British English via Skype.

  • How long is each lesson?

    Each lesson is 1 academic hour (45 minutes), but you may choose to take double lessons of 90 minutes if you wish.

  • How many lessons should I have per week?

    This depends on your level, study goals and budget. We usually recommend x2 lessons per week for most of our Skype English courses. You will agree a study schedule during the trial consultation with your British English tutor before the course begins.

  • How are your Skype English courses structured?

    All of our courses are taught on a 1-to-1 basis with a native British English tutor. This allows us to put the individual learner at the centre of everything we do. Each course is unique and is designed to be highly relevant and focused on precisely what you need in order to achieve your study goals. Our tutors use a range of quality textbooks, interactive web-based resources and bespoke in-house materials to produce the right course for you.

  • I’m interested! How do I get started?

    Please see our Prices and complete our Trial Request Form. We will then match you with a suitable teacher by level, study goals and availability. This tutor will contact you by email ASAP to arrange a meeting via Skype.

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