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We offer practical ESOL courses that focus on the realities of living in Britain and the English necessary to be successful in your UK career, studies and social life. With OTUK you will benefit from one-to-one tuition that addresses your individual interests and study needs.

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Moving to a new country can be an extremely rewarding experience, but it also has its challenges. At OTUK we understand that fluent English is the key to faster integration and greater success in the UK. So whether you want to improve your British English for a UK job, education or settlement, we can assist you through dedicated personal tuition that addresses your individual study needs and concerns. All courses are taught on a one-to-one basis via Skype with a native British English teacher.

Our UK ESOL courses focus on developing your knowledge and understanding of both British culture and language. You will benefit from practical training as well as local insights provided by your personal British English tutor. Key course elements can include: everyday British expressions, registers of English, understanding regional dialects, slang & colloquial usage, academic English, situation-based language, British accent training and more. If you want to improve your English for a brighter future in Britain, contact us today to book your trial consultation with a member of our UK team!

Why have others taken this course?

“... I have been living in the UK for 6 months but my English is not improving quickly enough. I want to make faster progress so I can get a better job and maybe study at university later. Maciej, Poland

“... I’m planning to move to London next year and I want to practise my English for real life in the UK. I need a British teacher who can help me understand the local language and culture. Takashi, Japan

“... I live in England with my British husband and daughter, but I feel lonely sometimes because my English is not fluent enough to have more local friends and communicate freely. Olga, Ukraine

“... I’m a doctor in the UK and don’t have much time to study English. I need an online course that is flexible enough to fit in with my schedule. Ammar, Qatar

“... I’m studying at university in the UK and find it quite difficult to write essays in academic English and participate actively in classroom discussions. I need a special course to assist me with this. Maria, Portugal

“... My dream is to get a good job in the UK and earn more money, but first I have to improve my English. I think Skype lessons are cheaper and more convenient for me. Fatima, Saudi Arabia

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