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OTUK offers bespoke one-to-one business English training with qualified UK tutors at a time and place to suit you. Our individual approach to e-learning allows you to focus 100% on your personal study goals and achieve faster results.

Business English
& Negotiations

OTUK offers business English courses that are built around you, while providing enough flexibility to ensure you always find time to study even with the busiest schedule. At OTUK, we understand the importance of fluent English in today’s business world and employ a number of British tutors who have real experience within the corporate sector. We also provide job interview training and profession-based English (ESP – English for Specific Purposes).

All of our business English courses are taught one-to-one via Skype at a time and place to suit you. At OTUK, we only employ qualified native English tutors in order to guarantee you receive top quality British English tuition. Our school is based in the UK but provides online training to successful professionals from all over the world. During a typical course, you will work through a range of business English topics that are of practical use in your professional life. Core aspects of the course can include: formal vocabulary building, presentations in English, office correspondence, negotiations and more.

Why have others taken this course?

“... I lead a busy life and need a business English course that is flexible enough to suit me. Alberto, Brazil

“... I want to make faster progress through one-to-one training with a native English tutor. Vladimir, Russia

“... I think my current level of English is holding me back in my career. That’s why I want to improve it. Wioletta, Poland

“... My dream is to work abroad or in a multinational company, so good business English is a must for me. Stefan, Switzerland

“... I need a business English course that is focused on my own study goals and deadlines. I don’t want to waste time on group classes. Michiko, Japan

“... I often communicate with foreign colleagues so I need to improve my spoken English to make working with them more productive. Luca, Italy

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