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Hello! My name is Dan. I am a CELTA qualified British native and I have been teaching English since 2014. I have a wealth of experience in teaching English from a practical and realistic perspective. I am a qualified actor, and I bring that entertaining and engaging learning environment.

Qualifications: BA Acting · TEFL · CELTA
Languages: English Native Native speaker ·
8 years experience

About me

I am able to create imaginative (but nonetheless realistic) scenarios in which students can practise and gain confidence in their spoken English. Yes, even for you introverts out there! I have also applied this methodology to my Business English classes with very positive outcomes. Rather than simply learning business vocabulary selected from a textbook, I encourage my students to use the language taught and elicit from students when and where they would use it in real life. This is practical, context-based learning.

I have significant experience teaching IELTS and CAE exam courses. I sympathise with the fact that exams can be stressful and nerve-wracking, but I will do my best to ensure that you feel as relaxed and as ready as you possibly can be before going into your exam. My learners consistently score well on their examinations.

I know that not all students learn the same way. Therefore, I am very adaptable and flexible in my approach to teaching and I am good at understanding and working to the requirements of each individual learner. I look forward to meeting your soon!
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Keith C.
United Kingdom, 03/09/2022

Mr. Dan is the kindness and patience teacher, I found my son, he was very enjoy to attend the lesson with Mr. Dan. English is my son second langue. Mr Dan, he will using his longg year teaching experience to encourage my son to found the English learning. We are so appreciated Mr. Dan his teaching method and will strongly recommend to my friend.

Andrew D.
Germany, 23/03/2022

Our daughter was reluctant at first and also available teaching times with our chosen teacher were late for a 6 year old, Dan, our teacher, made a massive impression on our daughter. Wether she has a tantrum being tired right before a lesson or the bad father reprimanding her for not being focused, Dan swings the mood around every single time. It is amazing to see how he captured the attention of a child. After 2 1/2 month my daughter would not want to miss a session not even for being able to attend a party.

Mark M.
Israel, 26/01/2022

Dan is a great teacher — professional, nice and intelligent. My son is crazy about his lessons.

Marta M.
Czech Republic, 21/09/2021

Dan is amazing at engaging my son into whatever they discuss. My son is 8 years old, so quite difficult to keep the focus for 45 mins, but Dan somehow makes it happen. My son is always looking forward to the lesson with Dan — which is the best feedback we can give to Dan. thanks a lot

Tuncay E.
United Kingdom, 31/05/2021

I trust myself when I study with Dan. I am trying to improve my vocabulary.

Keith C.
United Kingdom, 17/04/2021

Mr. Dan is a very kindness and patience language teacher. He can use his activity teaching to let my son (Keith) to focus on English pronunciation and vocabulary improvement. The most importance point is through Mr. Dan his teaching let my son keep had much interested in English language training.Many thanks for Mr. Dan to teaching my son through this online lesson!From Keith's father.

Alzari F.
Saudi Arabia, 28/01/2021

My daughters likes the lessons so much and improving thank you Mr Dan for making them likes the lessons and waiting for the next lesson

Alzari F.
Saudi Arabia, 12/12/2020

Great teacher he knows what the student need exactly thank you

Alzari F.
Saudi Arabia, 13/11/2020

Thank you Mr Dan for helping my daughters improving and my 5 year daughter become excited and love the lesson

Salah S.
Kuwait, 07/08/2020

I chose the intensive English course, and now I'm in my second week. I can say it was very helpful for me, I have learnt a lot of things in a friendly environment,and my teacher is a professional and capable to make me improve myself in English. I look forward to completing the course and get the most out of it.

Beatrice G.
France, 27/07/2020

We are very happy. Dan is a very good teacher and is doing an excellent job with our daughter. He can be very engaging and Beatrice really enjoys working with him. We are pleased he keeps her involved with daily homeworks in addition to the daily conversations. RegardsDaniele

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Dan D.
United Kingdom Verified tutor - ID and qualifications checked

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