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United Kingdom Verified tutor - ID and qualifications checked

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Jen R. United Kingdom Verified tutor - ID and qualifications checked

Hi, I′m Jen! I became a CELTA-qualified teacher in 2006 and completed my PGCE to be a primary school teacher in 2009, teaching in East London until recently.

Qualifications: PGCE · CELTA
Languages: English Native Native speaker · Spanish B1 Pre Intermediate · French A2 Elementary · Japanese A1 Beginner
12 years experience

About me

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I currently live in Ronda, southern Spain, and love to grow vegetables, cook and meet new people.
I have taught English to children age 6 to 16 in England, Spain, Japan and India. I have also taught beginners English to various teenagers and adults in England.

I have experience teaching IELTS and pre-sessional English classes for overseas students at UK universities, focusing on academic skills, presentations and essay writing.

Having studied French, Spanish and Japanese to varying levels so I know how difficult and frustrating it can be to learn a language without a good teacher! I therefore like to give my students plenty of encouragement and believe that focused, short-term goals can be really helpful.

I′m sure my classes will help you improve your confidence and fluency in English!

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My reviews

Orstavik F.
Norway, Nov 10, 2020

Since starting with Jen our children's abilities in English have dramatically improved, while the lessons stay fun and engaging. She has a high level of professionalism, focus on the need of the child while still paying attention to our (parents) opinions.

Carla C.
Hong Kong, Sep 14, 2020

I like my lessons because Ms Jen is so nice and she doesn’t force me to do lots and lots of homework,the homeworks she tells me to do aren’t boring stuff like workbooks, she tells me to write diaries of my “Unforgettable moments at school.” In lessons, we read different kinds of books together, l really enjoyed having lessons with Ms Jen, l am so lucky to have such a great teacher.

Orstavik F.
Norway, Jun 29, 2020

Have given previously top review on performance. Would like to point out the great flexibility shown by Jen in the lockdown period with COVID-19 and varying time-tables for the kids. She always stretches herself to help and adjust!

Orstavik F.
Norway, May 24, 2020

We are seeing strong progress both kids. Jen demonstrates the ability to keep them both motivated!

Piero C.
Spain, May 16, 2020

Jen is an amazing teacher for children. At the end of every lesson, I am always amazed by her ability to motivate and engage my son in conversations. In only few months I’ve seen an incredible progress in his confidence in speaking English. He’s also improving his ability to write texts, structuring stories, and he’s deepening his knowledge of science. I strongly believe that Jen is having a great, positive impact in Piero’s development, and this goes beyond the learning of a foreign language.

Orstavik F.
Norway, Apr 24, 2020

Great lessons.

Erle Lian B.
Norway, Apr 18, 2020

Our daughter Erle is making fantastic progress and is enjoying classes with Jen. Since this is extra curriculum, it's important that she is motivated. A combination of well thought out classes with relevant and tailored topics and exercises combined with and a good and friendly learning environment produces nice progress and a motivated student.

Nicoletta S.
Netherlands, Apr 17, 2020

Today has been the last of the 12 lessons I booked with Jen. I really enjoyed each of them, sharing feelings, telling personal decisions and events of my life, discussing opinions about different Education approaches. Jen is a very serious, careful, empathetic, motivating teacher, incredibly able to support and address your efforts to specific goals in a funny way every time, recognizing individual learning needs and focusing on them (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, etc). I am thinking I will continue having conversation classes with her because it will make me more fluent and feel more confident with my spoken and listening English. Thank you Jen! My best wishes. See you soon!

Carla B.
Argentina, Apr 08, 2020

Every lesson is better than the previous one!!! I ´m enjoying myself a lot. Being an advanced user and teacher means sometimes you don´t have a chance to speak English with people who can correct you. Jen is a great teacher, I really like talking to her.

María Jesús L.
Spain, Mar 18, 2020

I've just finished my trial and I'm very happy. Jen seemes very nice and a very good teacher. Thanks.

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