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Hello, I’m Lewis. I live in Brighton on the Southeast coast of England, where my students are working professionals who need to communicate clearly and efficiently with colleagues and customers.

Qualifications: MA Applied Linguistics · CELTA · DELTA
Languages: English Native Native speaker · Spanish В1+ В1+ Intermediate ·
17 years experience

About me

I began teaching English in Mexico 15 years ago because of an interest in the relationship between language and the mind. My approach to teaching uses this experience and research from the areas of Intercultural Communication, English as a Lingua Franca and Cognitive Linguistics.

If you learn to ride a bike, you have to practise a lot. I think the same is true of communicating in English – you have to communicate a lot. So our lessons will focus on speaking about things most relevant or useful to you. That might be a business function (e.g. presentations, negotiations), social English (e.g. sport, art, politics) or a language issue (e.g. grammar, pronunciation, exams).

I believe the teacher is the language expert and the student is the expert on why they need the language – together they decide what to focus on in the lessons. I hope that by communicating, identifying problems and discussing solutions we can increase your confidence and ability. I look forward to meeting, getting to know, and working with you to improve your communication in English.
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Karine S.
Portugal, 16/03/2022

Lewis is a kind and patient tutor who is very committed to his students. He has good communication skills and a lot of experience in teaching English. I recommend!

Nina D.
Russia, 28/03/2021

His lesson is like having a friendly conversation on a topic of interest to you. There are no more mistakes in your speech — Lewis simply helps you to better express your thoughts and feelings. Widely erudite, well educated, intelligent, with a good sense of humor, empathetic, easily picks up a conversation or leads it when there is a need for it (keeps balance). There is also something that may seem like a minus to someone — since he refrains from evaluations in general, he does not praise you)The best teacher I have ever met.

Filip T.
Czech Republic, 23/06/2020

The lesson was well organised and also convenient for me:).

Yasuharu N.
United Kingdom, 19/05/2020

Lewis is a great teacher! He teaches me English in a very systematic way. He is also funny. I am very satisfied with his way of teaching.

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Lewis W.
United Kingdom Verified tutor - ID and qualifications checked

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