Hi! My name is Jacki and I am looking forward to teaching you. I am from theUKbut moved toBulgarialast year. I now enjoy my new life in a small mountain village with my husband, two dogs and two cats. I am a very experienced teacher and have been teaching in schools and colleges for 19 years. I am a friendly, enthusiastic tutor who believes that education should be fun. My priority in teaching you will be to make sure you learn the English language skills you need at a comfortable pace. I am skilled in teaching both children and adults and always ensure that my lessons are lively and motivating. I fully understand that learning a new language can be challenging as I am now learning to speak Bulgarian, consequently I always work patiently with my students.

As well as teaching, I write articles about art, interior design and architecture, I enjoy painting and photography and I am passionate about art history. I am widely travelled and have had many exciting life experiences. My interests and background enable me to communicate with you about many useful and fascinating topics. So your English lessons with me will never be dull!

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