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Hi, my name is Emma and I′m a British English tutor living near Cambridge. After completing my CELTA certificate, I taught English in London for over five years to many different nationalities

Qualifications: BA Hons History of Art & Architecture · CELTA
Languages: English Native Native speaker · Russian В1+ В1+ Intermediate · French В1+ В1+ Intermediate ·
9 years experience

About me

I have also taught English to Japanese businessmen and Brazilian bankers. Many of the children I have taught passed their school exams with confidence and became very fluent speakers.

I love languages and have studied Russian and French, which helps me empathise with my English students. I like to encourage my learners to immerse themselves in British culture by watching the news and reading papers or watching TV and films with subtitles.

I will provide all the material you need for the course and tailor it around your interests and goals. I will teach you to speak perfect clear English. I look forward to meeting you online!
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Ella W.
United States, 04/09/2020

Best English teacher

Rosa H.
United Kingdom, 16/07/2020

I enjoyed my lessons with Emma. She helped me improve my writing skills and grammar.

Elena L.
Russia, 27/11/2019

The lesson was interesting and I got a lot of new information.

Vafa J.
Azerbaijan, 15/11/2019

I am grateful for your help.Our lessons were interesting and informative.I feel more confident now.

Katalin A.
Hungary, 05/11/2019

I am very satisfied with Emma Wates, who is my English teacher.Despite I don’t have time to learn Englis I feel my English is getting better, maybe slower than Emma would like. I notice, she would like to help me very strongly, she would be that my English would be even better.Emma is a very kind, creative, flexible and smart person. The lessons are very varied, — they aren’t boring. Some times we use one of English books, some times she has an interesting topic which we can discuss. I am always waiting for our lesson, I enjoy them very much. Thank you!

Katalin A.
Hungary, 15/08/2019

I am very satisfied with my English teacher, her name is Emma Wates. She is very attentive, patient, she always kindly corrects my mistakes, as in my grammar, as in my pronunciation. Unfortunately, I don't have too much time to learn nonetheless I feel my progress in my English. Frequently she sends me videos which are also very useful for me. I am very happy that she is my English teacher, therefore I would like to continue to learn English with her.

Ekaterina T.
Russia, 31/07/2019

Resume about my lessons and my teacher: I like to study English with Emma. She is very clever and open minded. She always tries to find an interesting material to our lessons and topics to discuss. We can talk about anything and she always notice my mistakes, tells me about them, record in a chat new words or new grammar constructions. Recommendations: It would be good if we implement dictionary test for new phrases and words once a week or once per 2 weeks.

Polina T.
United States, 24/07/2019

I like being motivated by teacher. She gives me many corrections improving my spelling and speech.

Lorenzo Z.
Italy, 02/11/2018

Thank you let

Katalin A.
Hungary, 21/08/2018

I enjoy very much our lessons with Emma. Her lessons are very useful for me,she helps imorove my English knowledge.Thanks!

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Emma K.
United Kingdom Verified tutor - ID and qualifications checked

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