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Job Interview English by Skype

Preparing for a job interview can be daunting at the best of times but when the interview isn’t in your native language the challenge is far greater.

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It makes sense to seek the help of expert teachers to help you improve your job interview English by Skype. Don’t leave things to chance, be ready for this important and possibly life changing event.

You will, of course, want to present yourself to your interviewer as: confident, capable and the right person for the job. So you will need to speak English articulately and be prepared to answer the wide variety of questions that the panel is likely to fire at you.

Use English to show you are the perfect candidate for the job

Experienced interviewers for English or American companies will have been trained in asking certain questions which reveal not only whether the interviewee has work related skills, but also whether they will fit in with the rest of the team, department and organisation. Therefore, you would be well advised to practise job interview English that covers both work related vocabulary and also more general vocabulary about your life and interests. It is not at all unusual for the interview team from an English speaking organisation to want to know about what type of person you are, as well as if you have the practical skills to do the job. This may be a different approach to the one you are familiar with from local employers. It makes good sense to seek tuition from a native English teacher to help you prepare for this important event.

Not only will a native English speaker be able to prepare you for a wide range of questions, they will have experienced the process themselves and will be able to train you in a range of useful techniques to use in an English job interview situation.

Allow yourself ‘thinking time’

The typical interview situation is definitely challenging. You are likely to feel full of anticipation before your interview and quite possibly nervous during the interview. Of course, you want to do your best and always give perfect answers to the interviewer’s questions. However, sometimes when a person’s adrenaline is pumping, there is a tendency for them to rush into answering questions without thinking first. This frequently results in responses being underdeveloped and unsatisfactory. Considering the additional factor that you will be speaking English, it is easy to make mistakes if you don’t take a few moments to think and prepare more complicated and detailed answers. This is the type of scenario that an experienced Skype English teacher will prepare you for.

Interview technique and preparation

Skype English lessons for job interview preparation are a perfect solution to help you achieve success. Skype classes are a convenient, comfortable and economical way of learning more specialised job interview English. Many online English tutors have experience of teaching English for job interviews. They can help you prepare through realistic role-play situations involving question-and-answer sessions with immediate feedback and recommendations.

A native English speaking teacher should also be able to teach you some very useful techniques to help you deal with difficult situations and to demonstrate your English speaking skills to your best advantage.

First impressions always count at interviews

Creating a good impression at interview is vital for a successful outcome. In an English speaking company, strong communication skills are essential. You wouldn’t be applying for a job in an English speaking organisation if you weren’t confident that you have above average English skills. However, are you confident that you will be able to demonstrate these skills when it counts?

Even the most experienced and fluent English speakers can let themselves down under pressure. Don’t let interview nerves get the better of you. Take action and use the services of a British Skype teacher to prepare for this important and challenging situation. If you are planning to apply for work in an English speaking organization, you would be well advised to take a course of lessons in advance. Alternatively, if you already have an interview date, you could choose a more intensive course over a shorter period of time. Whichever programme you select, there is no doubt that practicing your job interview English will improve your chances of being offered a good position.

If you would like to talk to an OTUK Skype English teacher about your needs in preparing for an interview, a member of our experienced and friendly team will be happy to discuss these with you. To request a 15-minute trial consultation please visit our homepage.

Click here to download this post via our mobile website!
Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

Written by Alex Jude —
ESL Specialist & CEO at Online Teachers UK

Alex Jude is the Founder & CEO of Online Teachers UK. He holds a BA hons degree in Linguistics from The University of Manchester and is a life-long English teacher. Following graduation, he spent 2002-2012 living and teaching in Russia, where he lectured in General Linguistics and Translation Studies. Alex is a fluent Russian speaker and worked with the BBC at the World Cup in 2018. In his spare time, he enjoys camping/bushcraft, playing guitar and watching rugby league.

Written by Alex Jude —
ESL Specialist & CEO at Online Teachers UK