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Hi, my name´s Laura. I´m English and I live near Valencia in Spain. I have been teaching English for 10 years, to children, teenagers and adults. My teaching experience has been both face to face and online, in Europe and Asia and I have taught students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Qualifications: Celta · Dip Tesol
Languages: Spanish C1 C1 Advanced · English Native Native speaker ·
13 years experience

About me

I speak Spanish so can understand the difficulties and frustrations, as well as the learning achievements, as we gain fluency in a foreign language. I have experience mentoring teachers and I always try to bring out the best in people.

I love teaching English as it is a rewarding process to see my students make progress as their understanding and confidence grows over time. My classes are meaningful, communicative, personalised and enjoyable. I work with individuals to empower them to speak with confidence, accurately and fluently. I prepare lessons thoroughly to make my classes as effective as possible.

In my spare time, I love being in nature, reading and preparing healthy dishes.
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Tatiana C.
Slovakia, 26/05/2022

My daughters love Laura. She is their friend now, much more than a teacher. They made amazing progress with her. This can be seen mainly on the younger as she was complete beginner.

Wai Man Vicky Y.
Hong Kong, 16/09/2020

Good teacher

Wai Man Vicky Y.
Hong Kong, 29/07/2020

She is very nice and good teacher. I am improve my English much.

Tatiana C.
Slovakia, 16/06/2020

i am satisified, my kids love Laura and I start to speak which is the target

Corrine L.
Hong Kong, 19/05/2020

She makes me comfortable when I am talking to her. Also, she is talkative. She would like to share about interesting things. During the our conversation, she corrects my grammar mistakes. I can improve my grammar and other things about English like sentences structure.

Pong I.
Hong Kong, 22/04/2020

My kids expressed confidence in speaking English

Pong I.
Hong Kong, 12/03/2020

I like the first lesson

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Laura T.
United Kingdom Verified tutor - ID and qualifications checked

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