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Hello, my name is Rufus and I am an English teacher from Lincolnshire in England. Currently, I am living and working in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where I teach an advanced adults

Qualifications: TEFL
Languages: English Native Native speaker ·
13 years experience

About me

I also teach classes of children aged between 7 and 17 years old in schools and children’s camps. Previously, I have taught groups of pre-intermediate, intermediate, and upper intermediate adults. In addition, I have helped one student prepare for an IELTS speaking exam and I have covered some conversational English classes.

It is my strong desire to teach online much more because I strongly believe in a personalised approach to teaching. I want to teach you the English you want and the English you need. I also want you to be able to learn at your own pace. I know from personal experience how important this is. I am a friendly, approachable and understanding person with a good sense of humour. Learning English with me should be a pleasant, fun and comfortable experience for you.
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Hyunrok S.
Korea South, 20/06/2020

Greatest teacher ever. He made me get 6.5 in ielts speaking. Thought it was impossible but he was a game changer. Always glad to have lessons with Rufus.

osvaldo c.
Costa Rica, 23/03/2020

Rufus is an excellent teacher. He is patient and punctualOTUK works very good for me and makes me feel more confident with the British accent.

Thorben S.
Germany, 22/12/2019

Rufus is a really great teacher!

Thorben S.
Germany, 09/09/2019


Anna P.
Russia, 21/04/2019

Asya enjoys the classes very much. She is happy to chat with Rufus on various topics and is re-energized after lessons. Many thanks!

Diliara T.
Russia, 27/02/2018

Rufus is very professional, good prepared and patient teacher. I appreciate the quality and knowledge I get from his lessons.

Haruhisa T.
Japan, 17/07/2017

I'll try to have a sense of curiosity and researching mind about happenings in the world.In addition, I want to comprehend about what an issue is from the view of history. In the end, I have an individual opinion. in addition, I attempted to express it in English.Fortunately or unfortunately, we can get any information from websites very easily.Recently, I concluded that any information has been biased. So, I always try to know several kinds of information from such as BBC, CNN, Time magazine, Spiege?English version), VOA and others. I try to. Since I started learning English, I'm interested in how foreign people think about especially the current issue of Japan.Sometimes, I wrote what I understood. So, Rufus checked and revised my brief writings so far. He is patient and generous. I'd like to continue to learn with him.

Haruhisa T.
Japan, 18/04/2017

A lot of things occurred every day in the world. When I didn't study English, I was satisfied to get information from Japanese medias. But, since I started to learn English, I've comprehended that there are many views depending on each country, position, history and relationship. In the wartime, we relied on government information, but, when the war ended, many things were falsified and biased. Now, we can get any information and anytime from website. So, we should have ability to analyse and value on events. Rufus is very kind and generous, so I'll try to talk about current happenings and I can learn a different way of thinking. I'll continue to study with him for the time being. Thank you.

Haruhisa T.
Japan, 19/10/2016

I'm very happy to study conversation with teacher Rufus. He is two generation younger than I. So, I'm sure he is quite patient. We are talking about many kinds of articles, especially current events. Since this study is good opportunity to share culture mutually, I tried to ask British history and religious affairs. At the same time, I want Rufus to understand about Buddhism, tradition and culture. I traveled the UK three times so far.When I was a young employee, I learned a lot about industrial technology from England.So, I respect your country and people now. I'll continue this lesson with Rufus as possible as I can.

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Rufus M.
United Kingdom Verified tutor - ID and qualifications checked

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