Gabriel C. United Kingdom Verified tutor - ID and qualifications checked

Hello! I′m Gabriel and I′m from Brighton, England. I′ve been teaching English for 11 years to people from all over the world.

Qualifications: MA Applied Linguistics · CELTA
Languages: English Native Native speaker · Turkish B2 B2 Upper-intermed. ·
17 years experience

About me

I currently live in Bulgaria, but have lived in Turkey, Russia, England and various countries in the Middle East.

I’m currently finishing off my MA in Applied Linguistics and English Teaching at Portsmouth University. I find linguistics, teaching and learning fascinating and love tutoring and learning languages.

Having learned a foreign language myself, I know what it’s like to try and stay motivated and to strive towards your learning goals, so I empathise with my students as we work together to achieve your targets.
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Daniel U.
Germany, 06/08/2017

Gabriel is a well-prepared, kind teacher, who permanently tries to adapt his lessons on the student's needs.Lessons with him bring one forward and make fun as well!

Grethyll k.
Korea South, 30/05/2017

I like the way he teaches the lesson, especially the conversation. it really helps me improve my communication skill and acquire new expressions, vocabulary and being aware of using the correct Grammar structure.

Emil T.
Indonesia, 04/01/2017

The lesson method was great. I got a smart and patient teacher knowing everything I needed. However, I found online teaching was not as good as the real one in terms of sound quality. My internet connection was good, so was my teacher's. But, his sound was sometimes unclear. It happened many times. I didn't know what was wrong

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Gabriel C.
United Kingdom Verified tutor - ID and qualifications checked

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