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Hello, my name is Helen and I live in Bath, a beautiful city in the South West of England. I′m a qualified and experienced ESL teacher with a degree in English and History. I′ve been teaching English for 5 years in Italy, Singapore and here in Bath.

Qualifications: BA History & English · TEFL
Languages: English Native Native speaker · Italian B1 B1 Pre-inter. ·
17 years experience

About me

I have had the wonderful opportunity to live in Singapore, where I worked at an international school teaching ESL to children from age 6 upwards. I have also lived and worked as a private tutor in Florence. While I was there, I studied Art History and Italian, and travelled around the country with its amazing art and architecture.

Living abroad has given me an understanding of the difficulties of learning a new language, especially the confidence needed to speak it. To encourage students to practise English, I try to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere in my classes using interesting topics and activities.

Since returning to Bath, I′ve been teaching classes of adults and juniors on courses for general English (which includes working towards a presentation) and exam preparation including IELTS, FCE and CAE.

I also really enjoy teaching young children and like to use traditional stories, rhymes and songs. I find this stimulates a child′s imagination, and encourages fluency. I love teaching English to learners of all ages and nationalities and I′m really looking forward to meeting new students online, and helping you reach your particular learning goals.
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Masaaki Y.
Japan, 09/06/2021

Helen is a great experienced teacher. Her lesson covers wide range of topics and targets such as improvements of various skills such as grammar, vocabulary, writing and presentation skills. All lessons are enjoyable. It’s a perfect English lesson.

Anna F.
Italy, 15/02/2021

We like the way she is leading the lessons. The variety to present the language from the grammar to the reading and comprehension and use of english, exactly what Emma needs. Sometimes she helps Emma with her homework and Emma feels comfortable talking to Helen. Thanks a lot.

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Helen C.
United Kingdom Verified tutor - ID and qualifications checked

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