Skype English lessons for children

Leading educationalists agree that children learn best when tuition is both effective and fun. OTUK Skype English lessons for children support this principle.

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Our team includes experienced native British teachers who are friendly, enthusiastic and dedicated to providing the most interesting and engaging learning experience for your child. Speaking English naturally and in a relaxed situation will motivate and accelerate learning. Lesson content is carefully selected to suit your child’s interests and educational needs.

So why choose online English lessons for your child?

E-learning suits modern lifestyles

Nothing could be easier to access or more convenient than e-learning. It is a real time-saver which fits in neatly with most modern busy lifestyles. Children often have little time to spare due to school work and after-school activities, so Skype English classes for kids are a perfect way of achieving good results in the comfort of your home while saving precious time. Children love computers, feel comfortable using them and enjoy learning English online.

English – the global language

English is widely recognised as the global language, so lessons with a British English teacher will open up a world of opportunities for your child. Skype English lessons are a great investment in your son or daughter’s future. There are numerous career-related, educational, cultural and social benefits that are available to fluent English speakers.

It’s never too early to start!

When is the best time for your child to start learning English by Skype? The simple answer is: the earlier, the better. It is known that very young children learn languages more quickly and easily. Working with a native English speaker reduces the chances of your child learning mistakes from non-native teachers who often unintentionally pass on errors during lessons.

Kids learn English in a safe and comfortable environment

These days, parents are naturally concerned for the safety of their children. Selecting Skype English lessons for children ensures that you can supervise your child while he or she is studying at home in a secure environment. An added advantage of e-learning is that parents can also interact easily with the teacher to find out how their child is progressing.

Skype English lessons are cost-effective

Skype English classes for kids offer the benefit of one-to-one personalised tuition without the expense of hiring a private tutor. You will enjoy wider access to native British teachers via the internet. There is no doubt that ‘face to face’ online English lessons can help your child fulfil their potential. Their performance at school will improve; they will pass exams more easily and also be able to access opportunities to study abroad in English speaking schools and universities. What greater gift can you give your child?

At OTUK we offer the highest quality one-to-one tuition for children of all ages. Our British English teachers are professionally trained and many have experience of working in UK schools, colleges and universities. Our Skype English lessons for children are adapted and personalised to suit the needs of all interests and abilities. To sign up for a free consultation, please visit our homepage.

Click here to download this post via our mobile website!
Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

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