English Conversation for Kids: How to Improve Your Child’s Speaking Skills Online

Children have the ability to gain fluency in English far faster than older learners, but this can only happen if they are given regular contact with the language as part of their daily or weekly routine.

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English conversation lessons for kids can provide a great way of ensuring frequent speaking practice with a native English teacher online. At OTUK, we specialise in British English courses for kids and cater for young international learners from the age of 5 years+.

Communication is the Key to Fluency

For kids to speak English well, they need to SPEAK English as often as possible! If they have limited opportunities to do so at home with the family or at school with teachers and friends, there is an immediate barrier to your child gaining conversational fluency in English. While the vast majority of schools tend to focus on reading, writing and grammar, English conversation for kids is seldom considered a priority. As a result, most children who grow up outside English speaking countries fail to acquire good spoken English. This then causes further difficulties later in life when it affects higher education choices and job prospects.

Conversational English classes for kids offer you the chance to give your child a head start and can be conducted with a native English teacher online from home, regardless of your family’s location and time zone. The flexibility of these e-courses helps you to organise regular “English contact sessions” for your son or daughter at a convenient time and without the need to travel.

A Positive Learning Experience at an Early Age

Many adult learners fail to achieve fluency in English due to negative learning experiences gained during childhood – often at school. Boring lessons, uninspiring teachers and disruptive behaviour from other pupils can all prevent a young learner from developing a passion for English and the fluency that comes with it. At OTUK, we believe that English conversation for kids should be engaging and directly connected with the learner’s existing hobbies and interests. Our British teachers ensure that each lesson is both educational and fun for your child. A positive learning experience at an early age often leads to fluency in later life so our aim is to help make English one of your child’s favourite subjects.

Investing in Your Child’s Future

Just like with private music tuition or sports coaching, English conversation lessons for kids represent a worthwhile investment in the personal development of your child. In an increasingly globalised and interconnected world, fluency in the international lingua franca of English has the potential to offer your child a brighter future in terms of their higher education, job prospects and travel opportunities. Our lessons are competitively priced and each course is specifically tailored to the individual level, study needs and personal interests of your child.

If you are interested in helping your son or daughter improve their English with a qualified native British teacher, contact us today to arrange a trial consultation via Skype!

Click here to download this post via our mobile website!
Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

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