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Intensive English courses online

Studying any language requires time and dedication so it is advisable to adopt a longer-term approach in most cases.

intensive english program online
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However, there are situations that require the learner to make rapid progress in a very short time and this is where intensive English courses online can help. If you are preparing for an exam or job interview, you will need targeted training to achieve your short-term goals. Getting ready for an important presentation, trade fair or business trip are also good reasons for taking an intensive English course by Skype.

At OTUK we believe that frequent contact with English is the key to acquiring fluency in the language. Therefore, we strive to keep our online English lessons short (45 minutes) but recommend students take several classes per week to maximise contact time with their native English teacher. Our intensive English courses online offer learners the opportunity to have Skype lessons up to 7 times per week with small study assignments to be completed between sessions. These intensive programmes are ideal for those who need to achieve good results in the shortest possible time.

Is an intensive English course right for you?

Unless you have a specific learning goal in mind, then an intensive English programme is probably not the way forward. When improving general English it may be a wiser choice to spread your resources over a longer time frame to ensure steady progress and regular lessons (2-3 per week). However, if you know what you have to achieve with your English and are facing an exam date or deadline, you will certainly benefit from targeted training with a native English teacher.

Exam preparation – Got an exam date in mind? Want to achieve a high score in IELTS? An intensive English course online could make the difference between success and failure.

Job interview preparation – Is promotion of the horizon? Still worried about your interview English? Calm the nerves by opting for a targeted job interview preparation course on Skype. Your native English teacher will help you recreate and role-play interview scenarios until you are confident, fluent and ready to make a great impression.

Study abroad – Thinking about taking a course overseas? Need to improve your academic English and presentation skills? You would certainly benefit from an intensive course of study with a British English teacher.

Business English – Need English for work? Got an important business trip next month? A short course of study could be just what you are looking for – rapid results in the shortest possible time.

Boost your English – Got time on your hands? Want to take your English to the next level? Get started today with an intensive English course by Skype!

English summer school online

Summer is a great time to think about making that extra effort to improve your English skills. Most people tend to have more time over the summer months as work slows down, the weather improves and the kids are on holiday. Many schools in the UK offer residential courses, but these are too expensive for the majority of students. Intensive English courses online with OTUK are a great cost-saving alternative and provide focused, one-to-one training with a Skype English tutor. Online programmes of this type cover a wide range of subject areas and levels so there is a course to suit everyone.

If you would like more information about OTUK intensive English courses, please write to [email protected] stating: your current level, study goals, lessons per week, availability and time zone.

Click here to download this post via our mobile website!
Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

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