Kevin S. United Kingdom Verified tutor - ID and qualifications checked

I′m Kevin and I′m a British national living in Wales. I′ve taught, trained and mentored many students over the last 15 years both in the UK and also in Asia and Spain.

Qualifications: UK Chartered Accountant · CELTA
Languages: English Native Native speaker · Spanish В1+ В1+ Intermediate ·
19 years experience

About me

I particularly enjoy online teaching as it allows me to get to know the student and focus on making real improvements to their English.

I offer General English as well as Business English and I also enjoy helping students to prepare for job interviews. In the past I worked as an accountant and owned my own business, so I have a huge amount of experience on which to draw. I think carefully about each lesson so as to make them challenging but fun.
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Hitomi K.
Japan, 25/09/2022

Kevin is the best English tutor for me! I've been learning English for 2 years from him. He's very flexible to teach and always keeps me lessons enjoyable with useful tips! I am grateful for your continuous support because I've joined one of the blue chip companies by your big help! I am very pleased to have him as my English tutor.

Claudia S.
Portugal, 01/02/2022

I'm taking lessons with Kevin for almost a year. And what can I say? He's the best teacher I've ever had and I feel that the confidence I often didn’t have in speaking English has been improving. The lessons are well prepared and the topics covered are always different, from historical things to more current topics. Kevin helps me a lot to improve my vocabulary and to overcome my difficulties in pronouncing some words. If you are looking for a teacher to help you improve your English, Kevin is the right person!

Hitomi K.
Japan, 14/09/2020

Kevin is a amazing teacher I ever had! He always gives valuable information and clear directions related to my requests. Plus, additional helpful phrases, very «English expressions» and interesting stories. I am hugely glad that I took Kevin's lessons. Looking forward to seeing him again soon! Thanks a lot Kevin!

Luca M.
Italy, 25/03/2019

Kevin is a very good teacher

Katya B.
Russia, 05/06/2018

I think that the lessons with Kevin perfectly serve the objectives we agreed on and I can clearly see my progress. Kevin always suggests interesting topics for discussion and finds interesting articles/other materials for the lessons. I enjoy the lessons a lot and think that Kevin is a great teacher.

Luca M.
Italy, 11/05/2018

Thank you very muchwf for your support! Best Luca

Ivan M.
Russia, 16/04/2018

Kevin is an amazing teacher! I look forward to every lesson.

Ivan M.
Russia, 02/02/2018

I'm really impressed. I'm looking forward for every lesson.

Kazu H.
Japan, 12/12/2017

What I like about my lessons were my teacher always listened/ asked what I want to do before the class (just few minutes before the class ends), and he was always well prepared for the next class. I was more than satisfied. I am still learning British English, thus, my teacher was British and always great to hear actual British explanations and accents through my lessons!

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Kevin S.
United Kingdom Verified tutor - ID and qualifications checked

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