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Hi, I′m Maxine, from Derbyshire, UK and I have been teaching English since 2012. I love teaching young people and have taught a mix of classes - from singing songs with four-year-olds to helping teenagers prepare for their Cambridge exam.

Qualifications: BA English & Linguistics · CELTA
Languages: English Native Native speaker · Spanish B2 B2 Upper-intermed. ·
10 years experience

About me

I have a Cambridge CELTA teaching certificate and BA degree in English Language and Linguistics, with modules including Language Acquisition, TEFL and Child Bilingualism.

Classes with me include laughter, smiles and fun – and of course lots of English practice! I like my lessons to be interactive and full of activities which get students involved and using their English. I will ask lots of questions, and use songs and media to keep energy levels high.

I think it′s important to create a positive atmosphere in class so that learners feel safe and supported. I always encourage students not to worry or feel nervous, but just try their best. My aim is for my students to become confident and proud English speakers!

I love meeting new students, so hope to see you or your child in class soon!
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aaa a.
Israel, 25/05/2021

Dear Maxine, thank you so much for your lessons. My daughter (9 years old) has been happy to provide her time with you since one year ago when we started to take lessons here. She waits each week for that day to make fun, to talk about things she likes, dreams, and wishes in her preferred foreign language! My daughter began to read more books, sing popular songs and teach each one in the family new words. Thank you very much, Maxine!!!

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Maxine M.
United Kingdom Verified tutor - ID and qualifications checked

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