Skype lessons vs traditional classes

We all know what a traditional classroom experience feels like – groups of students, a teacher at the front, a blackboard, textbooks, and a bell at break time.

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This has been the model in education for many years. However, the modern age of technology is changing the way we live; offering us new and interesting ways to interact online. Skype English lesson with UK tutors provide students the opportunity to learn English with native speakers, regardless of their geographical location.

Many older, less PC literate students still remain suspicious of the online format and prefer to play it safe by looking for British or American teachers in their city. However, depending on where you live, finding a qualified native teacher of English can be both problematic and expensive. If we compare the cost of 1-to-1 classes with a British English teacher via Skype versus face-to-face lessons in a large city (e.g. Moscow), the online option will be up to 60% cheaper. However, for many there is something they value more than money – and that’s time. One of the chief advantages of e-learning is that it reduces travel time to zero and allows students to take Skype English lessons anywhere with a fast internet connection. This is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle and often means fewer missed classes and better overall progress in the long-run.

Some students are sceptical of the online format and believe that face-to-face communication is always more effective. It is certainly different in that the teacher has no physical presence in the room, but live video and audio streaming mean that interaction happens in real-time just like in any traditional classroom setting. Some might argue that we are less mentally engaged when studying by Skype, however when seated in front of a computer screen communicating 1-to-1 with a British English teacher it’s hard to imagine how the student could not be focused and involved in the education process. A 45 minute session via Skype often feels more like a traditional 1.5 hour class due to the concentration involved. This is why OTUK recommends shorter online sessions but on a regular basis to guarantee frequent speech practice and constant contact with the teacher.

There’s no doubt that in the future more people will study online via programs such as Skype. University degrees are already available as online courses and many private schools are beginning to provide Skype English lessons to their students. OTUK offers both individual and group classes to students from around the world and is committed to providing quality online courses with British English teachers.

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